DUOTONE Select SLS 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Select SLS 2024

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The Select SLS by Strong Light Superior (SLS) is an exceptional freeride board designed for peak performance without compromise. Constructed with Textreme Innegra and Biax Carbon, this board is both lightweight and strong, delivering incredible responsiveness. Whether you're boosting big airs, blasting upwind, or cruising in your local playground, the Select SLS is the perfect companion.

For 2024, the Select SLS features a new asymmetric top deck that focuses the flex characteristics on the heel edge of the board. Combined with its high-tech SLS construction, the Select SLS offers an exhilarating ride. The stiffer heel edge allows for superior pop, making it ideal for big air and freeriding with plenty of upwind drive. The larger Space Flex windows in the tips ensure a smooth ride through choppy waters and early planning capability.

Crafted from Carbon Biax and Textreme Innegra, the Select SLS is lighter, stronger, and offers a dynamic ride that provides a strong connection to the board. Its outline and shape make it perfect for carving and wave riding as well.

If you're searching for a fun and engaging ride that will take you to new heights, the Select SLS is the board for you.

Summary: The Select SLS is a Strong Light Superior (SLS) freeride board that offers exceptional performance. With its lightweight construction and responsive design, it is perfect for boosting big airs, upwind cruising, and playing in your local area. The new asymmetric top deck and high-tech SLS construction provide an exhilarating ride with superior pop. Featuring Space Flex technology, the Select SLS offers a smooth ride and early planning capabilities. Crafted from Carbon Biax and Textreme Innegra, this board is both lighter and stronger, delivering a dynamic and connected experience. Whether you enjoy carving or wave riding, the Select SLS is designed to provide comfort, stability, and improved performance.

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