DUOTONE Select Concept Blue Pink Pig Limited Edition 2024 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Select Concept Blue Pink Pig Limited Edition 2024

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The Porsche Design team, in collaboration with Duotone Design Director Florian Panther, has resurrected the iconic Porsche Design that propelled Pigs to race and has now adapted it to the high-performance Freeride Board Select Concept Blue. This updated design features an asymmetric deck shape, an updated outline, and the new Concept Blue construction. The use of Flax Fibre and Basalt Stringers in the construction ensures a sustainable, smooth, and engaging ride. The Select is the perfect choice for riders who want to cruise and soar through big jumps on the water.

Its exceptional comfort, performance, and speed will keep riders excited with every session. The asymmetric deck focuses the flex on the heel edge of the board for improved pop, while the larger Space Flex Window in the tips provides additional damping, giving the board a suspension-like feel without sacrificing performance. The Select also excels in light winds, allowing for quick planing and delivering ample power and performance.

If you're seeking a freeride board that enhances early riding, smoothens your sessions, and enables higher jumps, the new Select is worth trying out. With its heightened stiffness in the heel edge, linear and predictable flex characteristic, and a long outline, this board guarantees an exceptional riding experience. The use of Flax Fibre in the board's layup replaces traditional glass, providing a more sustainable and smoother ride in choppy conditions.

By incorporating Basalt fibre, which is derived from volcanic rock, the Select reduces its environmental impact while retaining comparable mechanical properties to carbon and glass fibre. The Select's design places a strong emphasis on carving, allowing riders to make sharp, rail-to-rail turns in both wave and flat water conditions. Duotone and Porsche's collaboration has resulted in a milestone achievement, combining an iconic car design with a fast, high-performance freeride board that minimizes its environmental footprint.

Overall, the Select Concept Blue offers a comfortable and early planing experience through the implementation of Space Flex technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. The board's new shape enhances comfort and ride quality in choppy water, improves low-end performance, and provides smoother landings. With the addition of grab rails, board off maneuvers become easier, and general handling is more comfortable. The Soft Flex option is forgiving and user-friendly, making it suitable for inexperienced riders and those with lighter weights. The 3D cap's unique shape enables torsion along the long axis of the board, enhancing grip on the heel-side edge, offering smooth landings, a direct drive, and improved upwind performance. In summary, the Select Concept Blue is a cutting-edge freeride board that combines sustainability, performance, and sleek aesthetics synonymous with Porsche Design, making it the ideal choice for riders seeking an exhilarating and eco-friendly experience on the water.

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