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DUOTONE Gambler 2024

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The Gambler has returned, making a comeback after a short break. The devoted park board is back in action and ready to enhance your park riding experience in 2024.

For many years, park riders have favored the Gambler due to its durability and unique rocker line and shape. It was specially designed for riding features. However, in 2024, the design team took on the challenge of redesigning the board to make it even more dedicated to park riding.

The new Mono Concave Tips have been incorporated into the design to help the board securely grip round features like pipes and rails. This feature provides riders with more control, allowing them to focus on their riding and perfecting their tricks instead of struggling to maintain their position. The board also features a Grind Base that has been proven over the years to prolong the life of a board that endures heavy use. The inline sliders for boots provide infinite stance adjustment and the option to flip the board around. If one edge becomes worn, simply flip the board and give that side a rest while working on the fresh edge. This effectively doubles the board's lifespan. Furthermore, the bottom shape has been optimized for riding ramps and sliders, ensuring riders achieve high speeds without any hang-ups.

If park riding is your main focus, the Gambler is an ideal choice for you. It is all-new for 2024, built specifically for features, and ready for you to take it to the next level.

In addition to the Mono Concave Tips, there are other features that enhance the board's performance. The Tuck Rails guarantee smooth carving, whether you're in the park or navigating through mangroves. The Triax and Biax Glass construction ensures a consistent and predictable flex pattern for the board.

When it comes to hitting features, a durable board is essential. The Grind Base ensures that your board will maintain a fresh appearance for a longer period of time. The Inline Sliders allow you to flip the board midseason to even out wear on the base, and the Boot Optimized Stance guarantees a perfect connection to the board.

With its focus on helping riders stay locked onto features and enjoy every session, the Gambler provides a platform to make difficult tricks feel natural. Its hard flex offers an aggressive level of stiffness and an impressive pop. This generates dynamic power for jumps and provides better control during hard landings.

In summary, the Gambler is back in action with new features to enhance your park riding experience. The Mono Concave Tips provide better control on round features, ensuring you can press your tricks for longer. The board's construction includes Tuck Rails for smooth carving, Triax and Biax Glass for a consistent flex pattern, and a Grind Base for durability. With the ability to flip the board around and a boot-optimized stance, the Gambler is designed to keep you locked onto features and make your riding sessions more enjoyable. Its hard flex and incredible pop contribute to a powerful and controlled ride, whether you're hitting jumps or landing hard. Choose the Gambler for an exceptional park riding experience in 2024.

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