DUOTONE Select 141 x 42cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Select 141 x 42cm 2019

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At A Glance

Recently undergoing a brand name change Duotone Kiteboarding is still producing those ever-classic boards and kites we know and love. This issue we are going to be taking a look at the 2019 Duotone Select twin tip.

The Select is an all-round twin tip targeting the freeride market. Featuring a stepped mono concave base, soft flex and new space flex technology, the Select aims to be not only a smooth pleasurable board to ride but a lightweight performer too.

The Duotone Select comes in 4 different sizes, one colorway and is best coupled with the Duotone Entity combo strap and pad system.

Sizes: 132 x 39, 135 x 40, 138 x 41, 141 x 42cm.

“Incredibly refined all-round twin tip”

On The Water

As soon as your feet enter the Entity combo binding systems you know you’re in for a comfortable ride. The pads are super soft underfoot, the straps are a great fit, with tons and tons of different ways to adjust them to fit your foot perfectly. I’m not a big fan of complex straps, however this is by far one of the best variable adjustment strap systems I’ve used. Getting the ideal blend of a tightness and comfort is easy and your feet always feel firmly secured to the board. Ensure you get the right size for your feet, as a UK 9, the L/XL left me needing to have the straps fully tightened for a standard fit. I would say UK 9 and under go for the S/M and above UK 9 go for the L/XL to give the best range of adjustment.

The Select is quick to pick up speed and flies upwind with ease. There is plenty of grip from the 50mm fins and channels in the tips. One of the key points I noticed early on in testing the Select was how soft it felt underfoot. The board soaks up every bit of chop, dodgy landings and handles high speeds with ease. You can really feel the flex in the tips of this board, either when playing around carving or powering into the takeoffs of your moves. The tips of the board give that final bit of grip and spring off the water we desire so much for an explosive take-off.

The Select is very easy to manoeuvre and the transfer from rail-to-rail carving in and out of turns is very steady and smooth, making this board a lot of fun out carving in the waves.

The smoothness of the Select and speed you can hold combined with the pop this board delivers make it a fantastic choice for nailing your first hooked moves all the way through to boosting some epic board off’s. The Selects grab rails are brilliant allowing you to take the board off using various areas with ease.


The Select is an incredibly refined all-round twin tip, boasting the perfect blend of ease of use, comfort, weight and performance. It comes with the usual Duotone construction quality, which is top notch, so the boards bound to last many a session ad season. The Select is suitable for riders at various levels, from those looking for their first smaller board or those who live for board off’s and old-school moves.

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This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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