DUOTONE Soleil Concept Blue 2023 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Soleil Concept Blue 2023

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To cater to the needs of female kiteboarders, it's crucial to have gear specifically designed for their smaller frames and lighter weight. Riding a board that is too stiff and difficult to carve can hinder their performance. That's where the new Soleil board comes into play. Created by women for women, this board features a narrower outline that makes carving from rail to rail a breeze. Additionally, larger Space Flex windows in the tips ensure a smooth ride in any conditions. The top deck has been modified to be asymmetrical, concentrating the flex on the heel edge of the board. This adjustment makes edging and popping easier. The 2024 version of the Soleil has been added to the Concept Blue range, which promotes sustainability. The board is constructed using Flax Fibre instead of traditional glass cloth, offering excellent dampening capabilities and a smooth ride. Basalt Stringers have replaced the carbon beam, providing sustainability and an engaging ride. The Soleil is perfect for freeride, big air, and cruising, helping women take their riding to the next level.

Specifically designed for women, the narrower outline of the Soleil board ensures an easy and comfortable ride, especially in choppy water conditions.

A key feature of the Soleil board is the use of Flax Fibre during its construction, offering a more sustainable and natural material that results in a smoother ride in choppy water.

The modified top deck focuses stiffness on the heel edge, leading to a predictable and linear flex characteristic.

This innovative technology guarantees a smooth ride, early planing, and exceptional performance in carves.

Basalt fibre, derived from volcanic rock, is an abundant and sustainable resource. As part of the Concept Blue program, it replaces carbon and glass fibre while maintaining similar mechanical properties but with a reduced environmental impact.

The redesigned Soleil board prioritizes carving ability, allowing riders to seamlessly execute rail-to-rail turns whether in waves or on flat water.

The Soleil board features Space Flex technology, which provides optimal response throughout the entire length of the board, resulting in a smooth ride and early planing.

Grab Rails have been incorporated into the design for easier board off manoeuvers and enhanced general handling.

Soft Flex boards, available in the Soleil range, are user-friendly and forgiving, making them suitable for inexperienced riders as well as lightweight individuals.

The unique 3D cap shape allows for torsion along the board's long axis, delivering improved grip on the heel-side edge, smooth landings, direct drive, and better upwind performance. This innovative design was invented by Duotone.

In summary, the Soleil board offers female kiteboarders a tailored gear solution that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Its innovative features, such as the narrower outline and Space Flex technology, enhance performance in various conditions. The adoption of sustainable materials, like Flax Fibre and Basalt Stringers, aligns with the Concept Blue program, providing eco-friendly alternatives without sacrificing performance. With its emphasis on carving ability and user-friendly design, the Soleil board is a versatile option for women looking to elevate their kiteboarding experience.

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