DUOTONE Jaime 2023 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Jaime 2023

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The 2023 edition of the most popular freestyle kiteboard in history, the Jaime, has received an exciting makeover. With a new shape and updated construction, it is perfect for riders who love to boost big air, showcase the latest freestyle tricks, and have loads of fun on the water.

Designed to provide an exhilarating session, the Jaime combines its shape and flex to deliver exceptional speed and responsiveness. The new shape enhances the already legendary soft landings, making them even smoother than before.

For this year, the fins on the Jaime have been angled to enhance grip in the water, leading to better upwind performance, improved pop, and higher jumps. The introduction of the Torsion Flex Cap for 2023 further improves control by regulating the board's flex across its axis.

In terms of construction, a Carbon Web is incorporated to enhance the board's overall flex and responsiveness. This, combined with the all-new Double Rocker Line Concept, ensures impressive grip through the water, resulting in powerful pop and the ability to achieve incredible heights during jumps.

If you're in search of the ultimate freestyle and big air board to take your jumps to the next level, the Jaime SLS is the ideal choice. It caters to riders who enjoy throwing in freestyle tricks while cruising around, but also desire the performance required to secure the highest jump record at their favorite spot.

For freeride enthusiasts, the Select is the perfect choice. With a new outline that enhances comfort on the water, low-end performance, and landings, it offers everything you need for freeriding and boosting.

The Jaime has a storied history, having revolutionized the world of kiteboards upon its introduction in 2005. Even after 17 years, it remains a trailblazer in terms of performance. The 2023 model introduces several new features aimed at maximizing your enjoyment on the water. The Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins provide limitless grip, making it ideal for blasting upwind and nailing take-offs for massive air. The board also features a new Double Diffusor Bottom that helps break the water's surface tension during trick landings. In terms of construction, the Carbon Web and Torsion Flex Cap work together to enhance control and responsiveness, resulting in a dynamic ride. To put it simply, the 2023 Jaime is incredibly exciting and ready to propel you into action!

In summary, the 2023 edition of the Jaime kiteboard comes with a fresh makeover, featuring a new shape and updated construction. It offers a thrilling experience on the water, combining speed and responsiveness. The angled fins and Torsion Flex Cap enhance grip, upwind performance, pop, and jump height. The board's construction, including a Carbon Web, Double Rocker Line Concept, and Double Diffusor Bottom, elevates its overall performance and provides a dynamic and enjoyable ride. Whether you're a freestyle enthusiast or a dedicated freerider, the 2023 Jaime has everything you need to elevate your kiteboarding experience.


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