Nothing teaches design like nature. Only when you feel the unpredictable force of the elements take you away can you understand how to design for the perfect ride. That’s why the North design process starts and finishes on the water.

This compulsive pull pours itself into our obsessive attention to detail on the designing boards and the development tables. Every day we are inspired – and humbled – by nature’s engineering genius and her beautiful, intuitive simplicity.To that, we add cutting-edge technology from the world’s best design workrooms and decades of performance expertise.

North Kiteboarding have once again released an impressive board lineup including all our favourites as well as new additions like the ‘light-rider specific’; Astra. We’ve got the whole line up right here, so check this out!

2021 Twintips

Atmos Carbon

Freeride / Big Air

Gravity We Defy You

A dynamic ride with powerful upwind, precise edge control, rapid response and explosive pop. Reach earth’s atmosphere with the Atmos Carbon, our premier high-performance freeride board for mega-boosting, looping and controlled landings. The Atmos Carbon has been master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide balanced torsional stiffness and flex. The harmony created between outline, rocker and flex make this the ultimate all-terrain board.

Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. Winner of the Highest Trick Score by Nick Jacobsen, and the biggest air by Marc Jacobs at the 2020 Red Bull King of the Air.


Premium carbon performance

The refined carbon laminate layup delivers a dynamic and responsive high-performance ride. Thoughtfully selected and arranged combination of woven roving and biaxial carbon fibre fabrics and unidirectional reinforcements provides an extremely fast response when loaded, with greater torsional and longitudinal

Precise responsive edge control

Unrivalled edge control for powerful upwind tracking and Big Air boosts in even the most overpowered conditions. The harmonious equilibrium between rocker, outline and flex creates a board with quick response perfect for lining up that kicker, edging hard and boosting high.

Impact-absorbing single concave to quad channels

The contoured bottom shape absorbs impact by breaking the water surface tension, and ensures stable and predictable landings.

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Atmos Carbon, please click here.

Atmos Hybrid

Big Air / Freeride

Gravity We Challenge You

Our most popular high-performance freeride board for explosive boosting, looping and stable, predictable landings. The Atmos is a powerful upwind with precise edge control. Strategically placed layers of unidirectional carbon tape in the hybrid construction helps deliver a well-balanced dynamic flex.

Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. The harmony between medium rocker, progressive outline and flex make this the ultimate all-terrain board to take you to the next level, in all conditions. Edge harder and release into Earth’s atmosphere.


Precise edge control

Powerful upwind tracking, carving and Big Air sends.

Medium rocker with a balanced flex pattern

Allows for early planing and great low-end performance with rapid response & explosive pop.

Single concave centre to quad-channel tips

Absorbs impact by breaking the water surface tension, and ensures stable and predictable landings.

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Atmos, please click here.


Big Air / Freeride

Light Rider

We love the saying; dynamite comes in small packages. Playful yet powerful, the Astra is a bold all-terrain addition to our new-school freeride quiver. Lighter weight riders often find it harder to control large, stiff boards designed for heavyweights. With this in mind, we set out to create a board with more responsive flex for lighter weight or smaller build riders – one that would deliver increased control in a range of conditions, greater comfort and softer landings, without sacrificing performance.

Astra’s smaller board length, narrower stance and basalt technology construction provides riders of all levels just the right amount of flex for controlled edging, boosts and loops. Its consistent, dependable rail grip gives you extra confidence to push boundaries as you load up for massive jumps. With its super-efficient bottom shape and rocker, the board feels fast through the water and flies upwind. The medium flex is dense enough to deliver clean and powerful pop, yet soft enough to forgive your knees and legs on harder landings. Sending it was never this easy.


Optimised for lighter weight riders

The optimised laminate layup is crafted for lighter weight riders with a responsive flex pattern for explosive pop, softer landings, and comfort in even the most aggressive chop.

Enhanced edge control

Phenomenal rail hold for easy upwind tracking and confidence-boosting, a result of the balanced harmony engineered between outline, rocker and flex.

Narrower stance

More precise foot positioning enables smaller riders to remain in control across every manoeuvre and landing. The Astra has a 20mm narrower stance in all sizes compared to the Atmos.

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Astra, please click here.



Your Ticket to Ride

Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your freeride game. A sweet performer in all wind and water conditions, it tracks upwind smoothly and slices splash-free through the chop. Jump and boost in full control, with forgiving landings thanks to the softer flex. Ride in tune with nature, in tune with yourself.


Progressive single concave with pulled-in flexible tips

Pulled-in tips combine with a progressive single concave with flatter mid-section for faster early planing and slicing splash-free through chop.

Durable ABS rail with a smoothed edge

Long-lasting performance rails with user-friendly smoothed edges help protect your skin from accidental scrapes and bruises.

Balanced rocker, outline and flex

For smooth, controlled upwind tracking. The Prime’s rounded outline is easy to edge, helping you stay in control and progress faster; while it’s forgiving flex means softer landings and gives you confidence for jumps and boosts.

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Prime, please click here.

2021 Surfboards


Performance Surf

Down the line

A fast, dedicated surf shape with smooth turning and loads of projection, allowing a powerful vertical attack in down the line waves. Developed for surfing and engineered for kitesurfing, the Charge rides like a high-performance surfboard. Turning hard in the pocket and releasing on-demand, it excels in carving, has fantastic upwind drive for onshore riding, and is versatile enough to pop strapless freestyle tricks with ease. The Carbon Innegra Futurelite system maximises strength without losing flex or responsiveness. The full deck grip with front and rear kicks provide exceptional comfort and control. Commit to the wave and have the confidence to charge.


NEW performance surfboard outline

NEW subtly refined outline for 2021 with reduced hip width for a faster rail to rail response.

Low entry surf rocker

For fast acceleration, speed and drive. With generous width and volume, making it easy to ride with great upwind ability for getting back to the take-off zone. The rocker under the back foot has been slightly re-tuned for 2021 to add drive and speed.

Deep single to the slight-double concave bottom

Cutting through the curves to give a fast driving bottom turn and responsive pivotal top turn with easy release

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Charge, please click here.


Freeride / Surf

Leave All Your Identities Behind

A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freerider that blends the line effortlessly between surf and strapless freestyle. The 2021 Cross has been redesigned to feel more lively and responsive, with effortless acceleration, more drive off the rail and a faster, more reactive bottom shape. Created to play the waves in an ever-changing surf playground, ride real-world onshore conditions, flat water and chop. The Cross delivers instant speed, drive when needed and a comfortable stance. It provides generous volume and width for a fun, forgiving ride with great upwind speed and powerful pop for freestyle tricks.

Featuring grabbable rails on the top deck for easy air-handling and cushy contoured deck pads for enhanced control. It carves, it jumps, it pops. The Cross is your everyday go-to – the ultimate all-rounder, instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride.


NEW quad concave bottom shape

Absorbs chop for a smoother ride.

NEW compact surf outline

With trimmed nose shape to reduce length and weight for easy travel. NEW reduced nose and tail width adds control at the top end and creates a better wave-fit for easier, sharper turns

NEW Increased tail curve and smooth progressive rocker

Gives instant speed and drive off the back foot for optimal upwind performance.

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Cross, please click here.


Strapless Freestyle Surf

Skate the Surf

Designed to be ridden fast and powered up, our dedicated strapless freestyle board delivers compact performance with explosive pop. Refined in 2021 for increased top-end, added control, grip and response. The Comp is designed to stick with you through manoeuvres and pop on-demand. Compact in size and very grabbable, its directional parallel outline with narrow, sharper rails allows for speed and edge control in a range of conditions, while the smooth progressive rocker design with tail channels assists with hard, fast landings.

The Comp’s wide but low-volume tail allows sink and pop for freestyle in flatter water, and the bevelled release rails allow water to shed off the rail and the board to load and release on demand. The contoured double concave deck with toe arch and rear wedge kick maximises traction and control when powered up, allowing you to take to the air without straps. Push your limits with the Comp, your competitive edge.


NEW narrower outline

The compact directional parallel outline is a minimal size with hard, sharp rails to allow for speed and edge control in a range of conditions. The outline has been pulled in slightly at the nose and tail for 2021, adding control and increasing top-end performance, while the lower volume tail allows more sink and pop for freestyle in flatter water.

NEW tail channels

Tail channels for grip, response and cushioned landings with less bounce on touchdown

NEW increased rocker line

The rocker is smoothed into a clean curve nose to tail, helping the board to stick to your feet during strapless trick

For more details about North Kiteboarding’s 2021 Comp, please click here.

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To view all North Kiteboarding 2021 line up, please click here.

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