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2 weeks ago | 1:49

North Kiteboarding 2020 Surfboard line-up is all about 'Power. Drive. Response'! The 2020 Surfboard collection maximises strength without losing flex, enabling more power generation from…

2 weeks ago | 2:45

You better stop what you are doing, crank up the volume and get this one on the big screen, North Kiteboarding is LIVE! North is…

2 weeks ago

Jalou and Kevin Langaree recently became ambassadors for IFAW, which is the International Fund of Animal Welfare. Watch this, as they take a trip to…

2 months ago | 6:3

Kevin and Jalou Langaree recently became ambassadors for IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare). In this KEVVLOG, they check out IFAW's marine conservation program in…

3 months ago | 0:59

The GKA Freestyle World Cup Gran Canaria 2019 Is Coming! It's less than two weeks until the second GKA Freestyle World Cup fixture of 2019,…

3 months ago | 00:28

Triple Kitesurf World Champion Jalou Langeree and Mystic teamed up on this one in creating the 'Gem Jalou' harness - awesome new graphics, and improved…

3 months ago | 00:28

Mystic and Triple Kitesurf World Champion Jalou Langeree, joint forces on this one and once again, the Gem Jalou harness returned with awesome new graphics,…

4 months ago | 00:34

Summer's around the corner, and the Diva suit is available in many variations for you to enjoy, regardless of the season! The Diva fullsuit is…

4 months ago | 0:28

Jalou Langeree's ambition, drive and passion for kitesurfing are inspirational. North Kiteboarding is proud to announce that world champion wave rider, Jalou Langeree is joining their…


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