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4 weeks ago

Have all your questions answered by Marc Jacobs!┬áMarc is not just a megaloop maniac, he also knows a thing or two about control systems.┬áMarc played…

4 weeks ago

Nothing teaches design like nature. Only when you feel the unpredictable force of the elements take you away can you understand how to design for…

2 months ago

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, North Kiteboarding's Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are…

2 months ago

Marc Jacobs - making it look effortless on his North 2021 gear!

2 months ago

North Kiteboarding 2021 Prime has arrived! Instantly familiar, intuitive and comfortable, the Prime helps you progress faster in your freeride game. A sweet performer in…

2 months ago

Introducing North Kiteboarding's 2021 Atmos Carbon - your big air and performance freeride board. With a dynamic and responsive full carbon lay up, a new…

2 months ago

Introducing North Kiteboarding's 2021 Orbit - Refined and engineered for even bigger boosts, better loops and longer hangtime. Watch this!

3 months ago

Mystic announces that the official KOTA merchandise will be sold online! For the first and final time, they will give you the chance to snatch…

6 months ago

Big lifts. Big jumps. Big Loops. The Orbit is Marc Jacobs kite of choice, winner of the highest jump at this year's King of the…