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Annabel Van Westerop

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7 hours ago

How I’m feeling about this week 💃🏼
Monday bring it onn.
30 degrees in Holland can only mean good vibes coming 💦

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3 days ago

I’m feeling that tingle in my belly again that I know so well, craving to go travel 🌍💕
A trip is coming up soon...
Where will you travel this summer? ☀️

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TOMS #Standfortomorrow #travel #cravings #summer

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2 weeks ago

Wheehooo, it’s summer in Holland they say ⚡️

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2 weeks ago

Have I just been chilling and drinking coconuts the past months or what?
Well... always a bit 😉 but much more too!

Find out what’s been happening in my life on the latest podcast with The Kitesurf365 Podcast and TheKiteMag.
A quick 20min chat covering all topics like kiting, competing, uni, North and Mystic, and future plans 💥

Link to the podcast:

Any other questions you may have, send them over and I will answer in my Instagram stories 🤗💕

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3 weeks ago

The all new Mystic Stealth bar. 3D modeled, highly advanced, bringing you the perfect fit, support, comfort, and performance!

Annabel Van Westerop posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Sunny days = beach days = happy days ☀️
Did you know @toms makes sandals and sunnies too? 😍 and as always, one for one. A pair is given away, and sight is given.
Photo credits to the incredible @jetlagcreativestudio
#toms #summer #photography

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3 weeks ago

Let’s go 💦
Are you with me? 🙌🏼
#weekend #kitesurf #aruba #onehappyisland #fullpower

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4 weeks ago

Proud proud proud to let you all know I’m now an ambassador for TOMS!

You may have heard about their super awesome shoes, but did you know about the good they do? Their brand stategy aligns with my vision and I can’t wait to see what this partnership will bring 🌍🌈✨

Did you know:
For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, a pair is given away to someone in need.
For every sunnies you buy, the gift of sight is given through medical examination and support
For every kg of coffee you buy, safe drinking water is supplied to towns without

One for One 💙
#tomsshoes #standfortomorrow #oneforone #ambassador #aruba

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Annabel Van Westerop posted a photo
1 month ago

A few days ago I was still on my island, buzzing with excitement over graduating and shooting with all my new gear (more shots coming up!).
Now I’m in the Netherlands again and over the top excited about house shopping and seeing everyone and about all that is coming.

Summary: Life is pretty exciting at the minute 💫

Other exciting news: TOMORROW is the official first event of Kite4Life Foundation, a foundation that I’m proud to be an ambassador for.
Follow my stories tomorrow to see what we’re up to! 👀

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Annabel van Westerop is in Aruba.
Annabel van Westerop is in Aruba.
1 month ago

Words can’t express the feeling 🙏🏼✨
The love, support, and relief! Life as a student-athlete comes to an end. 3 years of competing, training, studying, it wasn’t always easy, but so worth it!
Time to jump into the next adventure! ❤️❤️❤️
Massive thanks to my incredible parents, my best friend Poncho, and the amazing university faculty.
#studentalthlete #graduate #classof2019 @ Aruba

Professional kiteboarder
Vice World Champion 2017
Instagram: @annabelvw


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Annabel is a shredder from the stunning island of Aruba; she has been kiting since she was fourteen and recently placed 2nd at the WKL event in France, missing out on the podium spot by less than a point! Lindsay McClure decided it was high time for a catch-up!

2 years ago

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