Cabrinha Tronic 145 x 43cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Tronic 145 x 43cm 2017

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At A Glance

The Cabrinha Tronic has been around for several years now, Cabrinha’s freeride and big air board has always been a big hit. For 2017 the Tronic has a rounded outline, being wider in the centre with very narrow swept in tips. This outline gives the Tronic its renowned feel, very flowing when carving in the waves and riding in chop.

The board features a Quad-Concave to the centre of the base, through to a Double Concave on the tips the Tronic is designed to hammer upwind and blast across the water. Cabrinha’s Parabolic Rails feature on the 2017 Tronic too; these give the board plenty of flex at the tips while ensuring the middle of the board is stiff enough to edge hard and pop well. The board has a medium rocker line, which will take more power to get going than boards like the Stylus or Spectrum. However, it gives a smoother feel underfoot in chop and when carving turns.

Available in one colourway: White / Blue the Tronic comes in a variety of sizes, is compatible with the Cabrinha H1,2,3 binding set ups and comes with Hex Flow 50mm fins.

Sizes: 137x41, 141x42, 145x43, 149x44cm.

On The Water

We headed out on the Tronic complete with the H1 binding system; these are incredibly comfortable underfoot with plenty of grip. They have a huge range of adjustment to suit a variety of riders and even come in two sizes. We like the H1 bindings as they have been kept to a minimal design and single strap system, which is my personal favourite, simplicity for the win!

“Perfect for those who like to style it out…”

As for how the Tronic rides, it absolutely smashes its design bill. I will never forget the sessions I had on the Tronic; it brought back fond memories of old school riding. The board is fast, very fast, especially when you’re overpowered on a Cabrinha Apollo kite! The board is ultra smooth underfoot, gliding through chop it flows from rail to rail effortlessly throughout carves. The 50mm Hex Flow fins along with the Quad concave and Parabolic Rails give the board a grippy ride when edging hard. When loosening off the edge the board goes back to its flowing smooth feel. Upwind is a doddle; the Tronic just wants track at great angles.

The above riding traits make the Tronic ideal for those old school moves, popping off the water the release is progressive and frictionless. Landing toe-side or blind is bound to be your new favourite with the Tronic.


Cabrinha’s 2017 Tronic not only looks awesome the ride is on point too. It’s a robust, well constructed freeride and big air board. Complete with the H1 bindings it’s not to be overlooked. Perfect for those who like to style it out on the water in a range of conditions.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Cabrinha


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