Cabrinha Ace Wood 138 x 41.5cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Ace Wood 138 x 41.5cm 2018

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At A Glance

Cabrinha have brought a huge range of products to the table for us in 2018. We now see multiple variants of some of their top end twin tip boards, the Xcal Carbon (which we reviewed recently, check this out in the previous issue or via our website), Xcal Wood, Ace Carbon and the all new Ace Wood.

For 2018 Cabrinha have redesigned the Ace and given it some new features. This wood core all-round performance freeride / big air twintip is aimed at providing the rider a smoother softer ride in a variety of conditions than its carbon brother without compromising pop, grip and comfort. The 2018 Ace models have a new base and deck shape featuring a single concave, rail and tip channels, a moderate flex pattern and an average rocker. All of these features come together to bring us a smooth, grippy, explosive board that works in a variety of different conditions. The board looks incredible when you unwrap it and boasts high-quality construction from the first sight.

The Ace Wood is recommended for use with either the H1 Footstrap system or the H3 Binding system. Coming in one colour, four different sizes and supplied with 40mm fins and handle.

Sizes: 133 x 38.5, 135 x 40, 138 x 41.5, 141 x 43cm.

It looks sick, and it shreds.

On the Water

We headed out on the Ace using the H1 Footstrap system eager to have a play at some board offs. The winds are pretty strong of late here in the UK and waves are aplenty too, so lots of boosting has been had during our recent sessions.

Immediately underfoot it not only becomes apparent how easy the Ace Wood gets plaining upwind but how smooth it is. For a board with slightly squarer tips the board cuts through choppy water conditions exceedingly well, the flex in the board soaks up every bump making it a pleasure to ride. The squarer tips do give the board less of a flowy ride than some models in the Cabrinha line up, such as the Tronic, however it does carve around in the waves well too, and the rail to rail transfer is smooth yet explosive.

In the higher winds, the board again excels handling high speeds and gripping the water like a dog and its bone. When it’s time to release that grip though you are propelled into the air by the explosive pop the Ace’s design creates, the board feels light underfoot and light in your hands while slipping those feet out for a cheeky board off. The ridges in the deck give the board a great selection of hold points if you prefer riding without a handle, maybe in the future, we may see these infilled with foam grip. Landings on the Ace resemble its riding in choppy waters, smooth and stable absorbing impact with ease.

The 2018 H1 Bindings are super comfortable underfoot, the toe grips are great, the pads provide plenty of grip, and the simple one strap design boasts simplicity and fits like a dream. The straps come in two sizes, Small and Standard.


It looks sick, and it shreds. The 2018 Ace Wood is a brilliant board for anyone looking for a performance freeride twintip. Its well-constructed, has great accessory options, its super smooth but can handle anything you want to chuck at it. Best suited for riders jumping through to handle passes, however, will work for those aspiring boosters.


This review was in Issue 67 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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