Ozone Torque V1 138 X 42cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Torque V1 138 X 42cm 2018

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At A Glance

Ozone’s entry into the board game started earlier this year with the impressive Code V1 freeride board. We didn’t think it would be long until a freestyle board joined the lineup, and only a few short months later we were introduced to the Torque V1.

Designed as an uncompromising freestyle board, it also happens to be a solid choice as an all-rounder for those who enjoy some old school trickery in straps also.

The board is made in Ozone’s own board factory which is joined with its kite and paragliding factory, this ensure standards are kept incredibly high at all times.
The Torque V1 has an A grade Paulownia wood core which is then sandwiched between layers of Biaxial and UD fibreglass which produces unrivalled strength, response and flex.

The Torque V1 features a square outline with swallow tips and an aggressive quad concave base. There is a medium rocker which extends the entire length of the board, and a medium flex lay up keeps things smooth and controlled.

The Torque V1 has been designed for use with both straps and boots and comes supplied with Ozones own pad and strap set up which is simple in design but highly effective and comfortable. The inserts in the board are 316 Stainless steel embedded into polymer blocks which will keep things together in even the harshest of wipeouts.

The Torque V1 produces a phenomenal pop with minimal rider input

On The Water

At first sight, the Torque looks to be a heavy all out wakestyle board, however once in your hands, the sheer lightness of the board is quite incredible, and the forgiving yet super high performance even more so.

The Torque V1 rides with a lot of rail in the water, which enables early planing. Upwind riding is good, and even in chop, the board slices through any lumps well with the tips absorbing the worst of the bumps. The Torque rides fast and holds its line extremely well, and slashing around in any waves or chop is great fun; the swallowtail design of the tips provides impressive carving abilities.

For hooked in boosting and spins, the Torque V1 holds down some serious power before releasing and giving you that additional thrust upwards. Landings are kept smooth and engaged, the hull channelling moves the water well from under your board to keep you stable, and the continuous flex absorbs any slightly heavy drops before powering you forward.

It is, of course, unhooked riding where the Torque V1 truly comes alive, and we were amazed by how effortless the performance is. Many more advanced boards require you to ride into tricks aggressively and with vast amounts of power, however even with underpowered kite pull the Torque produces a phenomenal pop with minimal rider input.

Ride into your trick with speed and aggression, however, and this board becomes something of a game changer as you suddenly have so much more amplitude and time in which to perform your trick without having to go down the more kite power route which inexplicably can end up with much harsher crashes! This is not to say you cannot ride with lots of power, do so and you will fly.

The release off the water with the Torque V1 is snappy, and through the air, the board feels controlled due to the lightweight. Landings produce that ever satisfying slap and the rocker of the board will absorb any slightly off-kilter landings well before driving you forwards through the flex rebound.


Never ones to release a product for the sake of it, Ozone have waited until the Torque V1 was ready and it was worth the wait. Incredible, effortless performance, you are able to concentrate solely on your trick as the board performs time and time again. For those riders looking to work on their first freestyle moves or the latest handle pass combinations, the Torque V1 will not let you down.


This review was in Issue 70 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Ozone


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