Kitelement re vote 140 x 43cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Kitelement re vote 140 x 43cm 2018

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At A Glance

Kitelement have produced a solid line-up of boards for 2018 and last on our list to be tested is the re vote. Designed as a high performing freeride board, it sits in their line up alongside freestyle brother the re tort.

The deck of the board features an ultra dynamic rocker for a smooth and energetic pop, and the base of the board house Quattro channels with keel shaped sides to produce incredible grip in all conditions.

The board features Polyurethane sidewalls as opposed to ABS create a harder rail, which is less susceptible to delamination. The accessories supplied with the board are simple but of high quality, exactly what you need to hold your foot in place and carry your board to the water. Of note also is how adjustable the straps are, allowing someone to ride with booties but also small enough for a child to ride without.

3 sizes are on offer to allow you to find the perfect board for your preferred style.

Sizes: 132x39, 136x41, 140x43cm

"The re vote is an incredibly smooth and fun board to ride"

On The Water

The re vote is an incredibly smooth and fun to ride board. It planes early thanks to the larger mid section, and the channels really grip the water offering excellent drive.

The re vote likes to ride fast and speed is gained easily, considering the prominent rocker line this was a pleasant surprise. We thought, looking at it on the beach, it would be power hungry to gain speed, but that isn’t the case! Upwind is fine, simply point and go, likewise flattening off to come down wind is easy, and again thanks to the grippy channels and fins you wont skip out which can sometimes happen on a downwind run.

Carving around is a real joy with the re vote; narrow tips allow you to really sink the tail for some aggressive slashes, and rail to rail transfers are simple with no real worry of tripping an edge.

Riding into the chop produced such minimal amount of bounce and spray we had to check where we were! The flexible nature and narrow tips absorbed all but the biggest lumps, and not once did we encounter any water to eyeball.

Jumping is where the re vote comes into its own, with an excellent load and release, and one of the softest landings we have come across! The heavier rocker and small tips push the water away from your board allowing you to sink back onto that rail and cruise away with ease.


Do not be put off by the slightly less conventional shape of the re vote. It is a stunningly smooth board to ride which cuts through chop, and absorbs landings like you wouldn’t believe. We hope to see more of these boards on our beaches in the near future and they are certainly worth a look if you are after an all rounder for this season.


This review was in Issue 71 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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