Flysurfer Radical 6 138 x 42.5cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Radical 6 138 x 42.5cm 2018

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At A Glance

Flysurfer have never been ones to follow the crowd, and their Radical board series proves they know what they are doing. Back for round 6, the Radical6 maintains the unique tried and tested outline, while the internal construction of the board has been modified for even higher performance.

The Radical6 has been designed for riders who need a board that will enable them to do a little bit of everything. Not an all-out cruiser, nor a dedicated freestyle board, the Radical 6 sits in the line up as your go-to all-rounder for enthusiastic beginners right the way through to seasoned riders.

The laminate of the Paulownia wood core has changed to incorporate Flysurfers new flex distribution. The core itself stays the same; however, it is now surrounded by a biaxial glass, and a 3D sandwich construction, which provides enhanced feedback through take off and landings by keeping the centre of the board stiff and allowing the tips to flex as required.

The toeside edge of the board is rounded at the tips to allow ease of use for toeside riding, and adds enormous enjoyment to slashing the board around as there is minimal spray kicked up from that top corner.

The accessories supplied with the Radical6 are well thought out without being over complicated. Simple, comfy straps and pads, which are both easily adjustable and provide excellent cushioning on heavy landings. The fins are well built and quite big which adds to the grip of the board in all water states.

The new flex in the tips really rockets you off the water

On The Water

For those who have not ridden a Radical board before we understand you may be a little apprehensive due to the asymmetrical look, however, there is no need to be worried as the performance of the board instantly takes away any woes on how unconventional the board may look.

At 42.5cm wide, the width is carried almost entirely tip to tip, which helps the board plane really early even in super light conditions. The wood core of the board is snappy and responsive whilst maintain a super smooth gliding feel.

The Radical6 likes to be ridden fast, and it certainly helps you achieve those top speeds! Don’t worry though as it holds them perfectly, and the rounded toeside edge again keeps things super comfortable with no spray in your face. The Radical6 allows for comfortable upwind cruising, just lean back and let the board do the work. Even in choppy waters, we found the Radical6 to be unbelievably smooth, and you only need to slow down a fraction to slice through the lumps. The new flex in the tips really rockets you off the water on your boosts and absorbs your landings with ease, encouraging you to jump as much as possible.

In the waves, we were really pleasantly surprised with the Radical6. You can really play on the faces, the board gripping well to the water and allowing for easy rail-to-rail transfers. Even for some unhooked tricking the Radical6 was great fun. Solid, dependable pop is produced like clockwork no matter the speed you go into your move. This is a great board to learn and progress with.


Flysurfer’s legendary attention to detail and silky smooth feel have only been enhanced with the Radical6. The graphics are beautifully subtle, and the board's performance and handling will suit those who want to be able to chase the miles on a downwinder, boost to the sky, and work on their first few unhooked moves.


This review was in Issue 70 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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