Flysurfer Radical5 138 x 42cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Radical5 138 x 42cm 2018

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At A Glance

Flysurfer have a strong following for their boards as well as their kites, and the Radical5 is one of their most popular creations. Designed as an all-rounder with an emphasis on freestyle, it is that do-it-all board which should last you the majority of your kitesurfing career.

The board is made with a wood and foam core; the wood mainly situated along the stressed heel side edge, whereas the lighter weight foam makes up the toe side edge. This core is then woven with fibres at 45degree angles to create greater stiffness throughout which aids that all-important pop and flex through the board.

The rocker line has been updated for the Radical5. The central section is completely flat whilst the 2 ends have a curve to keep you secure on super fast landings and assist you when edging upwind. Interesting to look at, the toeside edge of the Radical5 is in fact shorter in length than the heel side. This is to aid control when riding toeside, and also to ensure effortless rail-to-rail carving.

Click-in fins eliminate the need for a screwdriver, making travelling with your board super easy. We were a little worried they may not be quite as strong as the traditional screw style fins, but actually they didn’t budge the entire time we had this board on test.

Sizes: 127x36 / 132x39.5 / 134x40 / 138x42 / 144x46

On The Water

With a name like the Radical5 you would expect the board to be pretty ‘rad’ and we are pleased to report it lived up to the name!
Super fun to throw around, it grips well to the water but also releases in a very skate-style manner with the correct force making even just cruising a whole heap of fun.
There are no problems whatsoever with upwind riding, and in fact as the board is quite forgiving could be perfectly suited to beginner riders.
Slashing around in the chop is great fun; the slightly shorter toe side rail really does give that extra control in these situations.
Old school tricks are a blast with this board, and the small foam grips supplied allow you to customise your board by adding them exactly where you personally reach the grab for those board-off moves. We had the 134cm board on test and it was the perfect size for throwing around in the air and loading up some solid power to get as much hang time as possible. There is an additional channel on the heelside edge of the board that really grips you to the water.
Often with these types of boards the freestyle, or unhooked ability is not there. However, the Radical5 really impressed us. The stiffer mid section of the board adds some serious height to your pop and it responds well to being ridden fast into the trick. Airstyle trickery is made effortlessly elegant and unhooked freestyle is explosive with this brilliant board.

Not an all-out wakestyle board, it is great for throwing a few passes with its super soft landings, then powering off to play in some waves or throw around in the sky.

The Radical5 comes equipped with the excellent Space ‘n’ Galaxy pad and strap combo, but is equally at home ridden in boots for that extra power through your wakestyle moves.


The Radical5 has been improved upon greatly from version 4. There’s distinctly more high end freestyle and freeride performance, but still the usability for those looking for a board to progress with and keep for a long time. Simply chose your size and go, it will take a long time to outgrow this board.

Airstyle trickery is made effortlessly elegant and unhooked freestyle is explosive with this brilliant board.


This review was in Issue 65 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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