Flysurfer Rush 137 x 41.5cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer Rush 137 x 41.5cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Rush is a totally new freestyle board from Flysurfer aimed at the top end riders and improving intermediates looking for a board that can handle huge moves and big landings. The Rush has a wood core, made with responsibly grown Paulownia wood, and a scratch resistant top sheet to protect both the board and the graphics from harmful UV rays.

There is a constant curve rocker running the length of the board, and the tips are detailed with channelling to increase the surface area, thus offering better grip and pop. The underside of the deck also features a double concave to again increase grip and also provides super soft landings by deflecting the water underneath.

Simple, stylish graphics and soft, supportive pads and straps with high-quality fins make the whole package one not to be dismissed.

Sizes: 137 x 41.5 / 140 x 43

On The Water

As a dedicated freestyle board, I must admit I was quite surprised by how flexible the board is when having an initial look off the water, however as soon as on the water realised that actually, the Rush is something a little bit special. We rode the smaller 137 Rush during the test and used with both straps and boots.

Starting with straps, which themselves are incredibly comfy and supportive, the Rush is a real gem to ride. My first thought was how grippy the board is, it really sticks to the water and feels as though you are actually riding quite deep. With this, though there does not seem to be any drag from the board, and speed is easily found.

Upwind is easy and enjoyable and with the relatively slim tips no spray at any point coming off the nose or up your legs. Any chop is absorbed with the Rush, the flexiness of the tips allows every lump to be swallowed up without noticing.

However, the Rush does not feel soft to ride, it is lively underfoot and offers great feedback. Once you start to ride the board aggressively, it simply comes alive. The Rush rides at moderate speeds, which is good, and is easy to throw around. The double concave underneath makes switching rails enjoyable, and certainly, if there is a wave or bit of chop to hack into it becomes a whole lot of fun.

“Super smooth, pops like a dream and absorbs chop like you wouldn’t believe.”

Of course, the Rush is designed as a freestyle board, and in both straps, and boots, the board excelled. You can ride into tricks relatively slowly which is great for building confidence, and the board will pop on demand every single time with really minimal effort. Going with some speed into tricks will, of course, make everything bigger and more radical, but to begin with, there is no need. You get plenty of pop at moderate speeds making this board perfect for the intermediate looking to gain confidence with their freestyle tricks. Equally, when ridden at full speed the performance is explosive.

Landings are oh so soft, and the flex of the board rebounds you forward rather than up to continue planning as soon as possible.


We have thoroughly enjoyed the Flysurfer Rush and really like the direction the brand is going with their recent offerings. The Rush is super smooth, pops like a dream and absorbs chop like you wouldn’t believe! For an all-round freestyle board which is equally at home in straps and old school riding, you would be hard pushed to find something more enjoyable this season.


This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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