Kitelement re tort 136 x 41cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Kitelement re tort 136 x 41cm 2018

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At A Glance

Kitelement have bought out a solid lineup of boards for 2018, and after using the impressive re volt split board, we were keen to get our hands on one of their traditional style kiteboards, the re tort. The re tort is a beautiful looking board with a full carbon detailing on the top and bottom coat; you are sure to be the envy of everybody on the beach!

The base of the board features not only a Quattro channels but also keel-shaped sides to ensure masses of grip in all conditions. Kitelement have gone for Polyurethane side walls as opposed to the more traditional ABS. This is a superior material which provides even more protection against delamination, at an even higher strength.

The re tort has a moderate rocker line which is dynamic in nature to give the rider a board which will react with precision no matter the situation.

The re tort is supplied with simple and comfortable straps and pads, and also has inserts compatible with wake bindings.

Sizes: 132x39, 136x41, 140x43cm

“Fast smooth and highly dynamic on the water and off it!”

On The Water

The re tort likes to be ridden fast, and that is certainly easy to do! The midsection of the board is relatively square and flat which gets you planning quickly, and the channels on the bottom grip well to drive you upwind.

The tips of the board are relatively narrow which is slightly unusual for this style of board but in no way takes away from its performance. This means that those super quick turns are easy to engage, and also there is a very distinct lack of spray in our face from chop!

In choppy water, the board cruises brilliantly, really slicing through the lumps and bumps.
Loading up the board for tricks in the chop is easy, and you only need a quick edge and release to access the pop on offer. Likewise, landings are good. The board grips instantly and the narrow tips come into play again here allowing you to get away with things you may not have otherwise.

In flat water the re tort works well for more new school moves, the speed generated also allows you power through any lulls in the wind. There is a low swing weight on the board, and the big midsection ensures clean landings with the ever-satisfying slap of a good landing.

The re tort is a fast ride, and again thanks to the subtle keel shape on the channels it holds the speed well enabling you to push to see just how fast you can go!

The entire experience is smooth and engaging. The board is so light it allows you to throw it around and have some fun.

Kitelement say that the re tort works well as a wakeboard, which we are certain it does, however, we would personally refrain from hitting kickers as it would scratch up the beautiful carbon design!


The re tort likes to fly, whether that is into your take off, into your landing, or just along the flats. It is a fast board, and it can hold speed while maintaining a smooth feel at all times. The board excels in choppy water with almost no spray in your face or bounce in the ride and rebounds exceptionally fast for any jumps and tricks. For a rather special board, the re tort is undoubtedly worth a look this summer.


This review was in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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