Kitelement Re solve 136 x 41 cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Kitelement Re solve 136 x 41 cm 2019

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At A Glance

Another split board from specialised board manufacturer Kitelement. The Re Solve is their freestyle specific board which houses some impressive technology and performance whilst being able to be thrown into a suitcase at the end of your session.

The Re Solve has been made to join together with their impressive A Lock joining system which uses full carbon slates embedded in the wood core to slot together before being bolted in for security. Not only does this ensure a tight seal, it also eliminates any risk of the board feeling like it is two halves. The board is then layered with fibre glass which not only looks fantastic, but allows for the light weight and snappy nature of the board.

The Re Solve has a prominent dynamic rocker line for advanced freestyle performance, and Polyurathane side walls for longevity. The base of the board features stepped channels for added grip even when riding without fins. Mid sized 40mm fins, a smart grab handle, and light weight adaptable bindings make up the accessory pack.
Sizes: 132x39, 136x41, 140x43cm

"provided such a level of comfort we forgot we were on a board which spends half its life as two"

On The Water

We tested the re solve in both flat and choppy water and in both states were impressed with how smooth the ride was. Often with more freestyle orientated boards you can loose the user friendly ‘comfortable’ feel of a board, but the re solve had none of that and was a joy to ride.

We used the board with the supplied bindings which though simple were perfect for keeping us locked in and secure. The memory foam pads were especially brilliant on some of the heavier landings. Though the re solve is supplied with straps, it is compatible with boots, making it even more appeling to a wider range of kite boarder.

The board rode well upwind, there is a prominent rocker and as a freestyle board some of the upwind ability has been compromised for the powerful performance on offer. Of which, when you ride fast and hard into a trick is a great surprise, and certainly not what we were expecting from the board. Slower speeds still produce good pop but you do need to watch your technique a little more here to ensure you don’t sink a rail on take off.

The re solve comes into its own on landings, and provided such a level of comfort we forgot we were on a board which spends half its life as two! The carbon element of the board keeps things snappy and absorbent, whilst the rocker and channelling grips and rappels you forward.


The re solve has hit the nail on the head when it comes to a performance split board. Fantastic build quality with an ingenious joint system, stacks of freestyle potential, and slick looks to keep even the fussiest kiteboarder happy. Couple this with a light weight kite and you will be well on your way to adding your kite gear to every trip you go on.


This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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