Cabrinha Tronic 141 x 42cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Tronic 141 x 42cm 2018

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At A Glance

The 2018 Tronic enters the Cabrinha line up as their go-to chop muncher and wave slasher. A freeride shape, the Tronic has rounded rails with tapered tips and a quad concave base for exceptional upwind performance and drive.

Coming in 3 different sizes, the largest Tronic has an entirely new shape, which reminds you of an older style mutant board, and has been named the Tronic SS, or, Surf Style. The differences with this board are a swallow tail design, and also the inserts have been positioned in a way to encourage your stance in the waves. This board can still be ridden in both directions, but there is an emphasis on your prominent foot.

The smaller Tronics are classic Twin Tips in design, though they too have been designed with the surf in mind. The boards all feature an A grade paulownia wood core, sandwiched between highly durable ABS rails which themselves have been tapered to control the torsional flex while keeping weight to a minimum.

The Tronic is also IKA registered, and as such is a great board for the emerging TT:R scene.

Sizes: 137x41, 141x42, 149x44cm

On The Water

The Tronic is a solid board underfoot, both in flex and feel. It grips the water incredibly well thanks to the large fins; these will take a little getting used to if you usually ride smaller!
The flex is progressive through the board, the more you push into it, the more it will give back, though it is not a soft or spongy ride, merely smooth at all points.

“Great for slashing turns and learning new tricks.”

It blasts upwind with complete ease and boasts some impressive speed too. In lighter winds, you can ride the board slightly flatter and more off the fins to get that angle. No doubt this is vastly important for those who wish to pursue Twin Tip Racing at a higher level.

Carving turns is where the Tronic comes alive, and should you have any lumps of swell or chop you will not be able to stop yourself from hitting them! The board grips well to the water, and you can achieve a much meatier carve than you first think! Rail to rail turns on the face are super fun, again the board engages with the water and keeps you in place.

Through the chop itself there is a little spray and a little bounce, but certainly nothing major. For those starting out, the Tronic is a very dependable board, which will happily see you through your first runs all the way to throwing some jumps and spins.

The Tronic rides well in and out of jumps, there is not a huge amount of ‘pop’ on offer from the board, but technique will ensure you are still able to create the upward momentum in time with the kite. The grip here allows you to hold down your edge right until that last possible moment.


The Tronic is a board you can trust. Super grippy, it will enable you to wobble through your first runs and progress into some fun surf to slash and tricks to learn. Not a high-end performance board, it is, however, an excellent board for progressing on. A fantastic option for those just starting out in their kitesurfing who want a board for waves, chop and so much more.


This review was in Issue 69 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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