Cabrinha XO 136 x 39.5cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha XO 136 x 39.5cm 2019

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At A Glance

Cabrinha’s successful women’s range, the XO, is back for 2019 in the shape of the Moto kite and the XO board. The XO is based on the high performing Ace board, but has been tuned and shaped with the help of Cabrinha’s talented female riders to create a board which works for those starting out all the way through to those who are performing advanced unhooked manoeuvres.

The core of the XO is made to the same spec as its male equivalent, with an A grade Paulomnia wood core for strength, low weight and flex. This is sandwiched between ABS rails that not only protect the core of the board, also create a smooth and durable ride.

The XO houses a medium rocker line with a single concave which is the perfect mix for easy upwind riding as well as soft landings on advanced moves. The tips of the board feature an interesting cut out in the centre, and underneath hosts quad channels for exceptional grip and release for aerial manoeuvres.

We used the XO board with the H1 Bindings, which are the simpler of the 2 sets on offer, and found them to be comfortable and secure. For a tighter all-over clamped in feel we would recommend using the new H20 Binding system.

“designed by Cabrinha’s team for women who need a board to perform whatever level they are at”

On The Water

The Cabrinha XO board is immediately an easy and responsive board to ride. The slightly narrower deck really lends itself here to smaller riders with smaller feet, and edging instantly felt effortless. Upwind cruising is again easy, with the interesting almost picklefork shaped tips stopping any spray kicking up into your face on those big angles or in the chop.

There is a lot of technology in this board; underneath the feminine graphics you can be assured this board is not ‘girly’ and in fact packs quite a punch. The channels running parallel to the rails create a lot of grip which aids simply riding, but also loading up for tricks.

On the flat water you can achieve some fantastic speeds without any fear of skipping out, and heading into choppier and wavier waters we were impressed by how manageable the board was without a huge change in feel compared to the difference in water state.

We did find the XO slightly heavier than some boards in its class, though once on the water and even in the air we had no problems with this whatsoever.

Leading into some unhooked tricks, the XO produces bags of pop with pretty minimal input. Even at slower speeds you are able to create some good height. Of course once you are riding with speed, the freestyle capabilities shine through and this board certainly won’t let you down with explosive pop and stable landings.


The XO is not just a ‘shrink it and pink it’ women’s board, it has been designed by Cabrinha’s team for female riders that need a board to perform whatever level they are at.
There is stacks of high-end freestyle performance whilst its unique outline and lay up makes it accessible to both smaller riders and those with less experience. We particularly enjoyed the XO’s ability to perform in all conditions and all styles off kiting, allowing us to truly mix our session up without having to change gear or location.


This review was in Issue 72 of IKSURFMAG.

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