Cabrinha Ace Carbon 141 x 43cm 2019 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Ace Carbon 141 x 43cm 2019

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At A Glance

With many brilliant boards in their range Cabrinha have always had some key contenders, one of those has always been the Ace. With two variants again this year, the Ace Wood and Ace Carbon you can pick the perfect Ace for you. We got our hands on the new 2019 Cabrinha Ace Carbon recently combined with the H20 multi-adjustment premium strap system.

The new Ace Carbon is a medium rocker, stiff flex twin tip with quad tip and rail channels aimed at the high performance freeride and big air market. With exclusive use of Japanese Toray structural carbon and ABS rails this board is ready for any abuse its likely to endure on those big days.

The 2019 Ace Carbon comes in 3 sizes, with 40mm fins and while there is no reason why you couldn’t use the H3 bindings on this board, its best suited to the H1 or H20 strap systems.

Sizes: 135 x 40, 138 x 41.5, 141 x 43cm.

“Tons of pop, fast, stable and smooth”

On The Water

The new H20 strap binding system needs to be tuned to your foot, so take your time with it. First attempt, nope, toe grip was uncomfortable and it just didn’t feel right. Second attempt, almost. After a couple more tweaks I finally got them dialed and tuned. They are super comfortable underfoot and the toe grip combined with a huge range of adjustment means you can get the right set up for your feet. They tighten so well that my usual crank them up approach left me only able to get a toe or two in. They are great for those with smaller feet and the younger riders out there.

The Ace Carbon is fast, it gets planning super easy and hits high speed quickly. The board is smooth underfoot, through the chop and fires upwind. When you ramp up the aggression in your riding the board unleashes performance in spades. Biting the water and providing serious amounts of grip. Slicing through the water during turns the Ace is not a flowing as some boards in the lineup yet once the rails are in its locked like a train on tracks and the turns are fast and responsive.

The board loads incredibly well, giving you tons of feedback and holding that pressure is effortless. Moving into a takeoff the Ace Carbon gives loads of grip in the final moments before firing you into the air, there’s shed loads of pop in this board. Whether you are riding hooked or dabbling with some unhooked riding the Ace delivers a reliable takeoff. The board is lightweight underfoot and the deck profile allows for some great grip in various parts of the board when busting some board offs. Landings are soaked up instantly in a soft and very stable manner.


The 2019 Ace Carbon combined with the H20 strap system is a superb set up for those wanting a solid locked in ride with the ability to get those feet out when needed. The Ace Carbon itself is fantastic to ride, its fast, responsive, stable, grips like no tomorrow, has a very explosive pop while remaining smooth in all conditions. It’s a fantastic choice for those pushing the freeride boundaries and wanting to maximize their boosts!


This review was in Issue 71 of IKSURFMAG.

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