Cabrinha XCal Carbon 141 x 43cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha XCal Carbon 141 x 43cm 2018

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At A Glance

The XCaliber Carbon is Cabrinha’s high-performance competition freestyle board. Proven to be a top performer while under Liam Whaley’s feet, the board has a double concave, a moderate to high rocker and tip channels. Constructed using a custom double 45-degree bias Carbon Fiber, this stiffens the board giving it a huge amount of responsive pop.

While the 2018 XCaliber Carbon is compatible with any of the binding systems from Cabrinha, the H3 binding is recommended. Considering the design and construction of this board the full potential isn’t going to be utilised without a full boot binding system.

The XCaliber Carbon comes with 40mm fins and a handle. Cabrinha also make a variety of fin sizes if you want to customise your ride. 20mm and 30mm are some of these options.

Sizes: 135 x 41 / 138 x 42 / 141 x 43

“It is incredibly high performance and easy to get along with.”

On The Water

Heading out on the water I took a set of M-L H3 Bindings, as a size 9 the boot size is pretty accurate to shoe size. The Velcro tightening system grips well and doesn’t come loose however it’s worth loosening them up before launching your kite as they sometimes need a wiggle to loosen fully. The internal liners are super comfortable and also removable which is awesome for winter walking around the beach. Several hard landings later and no bottoming out was felt. The boots look super durable, and the Velcro system is replaceable if needs be.

The board hits speed quickly and rockets upwind. The tips are slightly swept in compared to some boards in this genre. This gives the board a smoother ride in choppier conditions and allows for a flowing carve in and out of your moves. The board is super responsive underfoot with a nimble feel for its size.

The channelling on the XCaliber Carbon is somewhat minimal which is something I’m not so used to. However the feel and delivery of grip and pop from the XCaliber was exquisite. Due to the minimal channels, the XCaliber has a super smooth progressive load up when edging. There’s ample amounts of grip; it’s just very controlled. The tip channels do their job and provide plenty of grip and control in the last moments of take off.

Pop on the XCaliber really is huge, it’s like a spring board, you are propelled into your moves, and you can feel the board flexing back as you take off. Landings were stable and smooth. It’s also surprisingly light on the knees for the size of the board.


The 2018 Cabrinha XCaliber Carbon is not only a pretty stylish looking board with its minimal design and carbon finish. It is incredibly high performance and easy to get along with. Even from session one, it became apparent how much potential this board has. Best suited for those high-level riders looking to really up there freestyle game, the XCaliber Carbon looks bombproof, and when combined with the H3 bindings the performance is incredible.


This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Cabrinha


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