Ozone Code V1 138 x 41cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Code V1 138 x 41cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Code V1 is Ozone’s first foray into board building, and they have not done it lightly. Famous already for their own purpose-built factory, they have done the same with their board line and grown their factory to accommodate a new production facility.

The Code V1 has been designed as a high-end freeride board. Available in 4 sizes, it will cover a large spectrum of rider sizes and preferences.

The board is made with a core of premium A-grade Paulownia, which keeps the weight of the board down while providing fantastic flex and strength. The core is then sandwiched between layers of high-quality Biaxial and UD fibreglass which provide a snappy response in the board and also add to the strength and flex.

The base of the Code V1 features a double concave; greater in the centre of the board then flattening out at the edges. This allows for a grippy carve and soft landings should you be coming in hot and fast.

Freeride is the aim with the CodeV1, and the deck features handy grab rails for board off moves!

The pad and strap combo are really well thought out and come as standard with the board. The inserts are made with A grade 316 stainless steel and as such are boot compatible, so for those who ride with bindings, there is no need to worry about pulling an insert.
A high quality and ergonomic grab handle, and bright coloured solid G10 fins complete the package.

Of great note is how little plastic Ozone have used in their packaging. Yes, there is some, however where many boards come wrapped in cellophane then each component is plastic packed, the only part of the CodeV1 to be plastic encased is the pads and straps set. This is an excellent decision by Ozone, and we hope many other brands follow suit if they are not already.

Sizes: 135/40, 138/41, 141/42, 144/43 cm

Fast, fun and oh so smooth!

On The Water

We are always excited to try a new line, or product from any brand, and to find how they believe the certain item should feel. Classic Ozone design and engineering has created a board, which is not only stable and forgiving enough for a beginner to jump on but packs some serious freeride performance.

The swallow shaped tips of the CodeV1 are relatively narrow which enables you to dig that back heel in to get some super satisfying carves on the go.

The pad and strap combo lock your feet in, and the simple adjustment system is not only effective but essential when riding in winter conditions, as we are right now with neoprene gloves on!

Upwind riding is effortless and should you encounter any chop, Ozone have worked really hard to produce a board with no spray in your face, and they have certainly achieved it!
The Code V1 is comfortable to ride in both chop and flat water, and in the waves, the board comes alive with fantastic rail to rail carves.

For some old school boosting and tricks the CodeV1 is simply brilliant. Excellent pop on take-offs springs you into the air, while either the comfy grab handle or grab recesses in the board encourages you to flip the board around. Landings are super stable, the slightly larger fins and double concave base stabilise and soak up heavy landings. Even coming in hot after loops the board will hold your speed and allow you to ride it out.

The CodeV1 is super fun not only for the boosting potential but also low-level tricks such as tricks to and from blind. The sticky nature and swallow tips grip the water and keep you stable at all points encouraging you to try more and more.

Though designed as a high performing freeride board, the Code V1 works very well for some unhooked freestyle. It is not a wakestyle board, but for popping, handle passes mixed in with boosts and freeriding it handles it all brilliantly, the potential is certainly there for riders who wish to mix it up.


The CodeV1 is exactly as Ozone have described, fast, fun and oh so smooth. This board will suit a vast majority of people, and as usual, has been built to Ozone's superior standards. Equally at home in flat water, chop and waves, it is a high performing all rounder which has just raised the bar for all.


This review was in Issue 67 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Ozone


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