Cabrinha XCaliber 138 x 42cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha XCaliber 138 x 42cm 2017

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At A Glance

The XCaliber is a high-performance freestyle board targeting high-level riders. If your not there yet don’t panic, just read on, as this board as a bit more to offer too. Designed with a stiff flex pattern, fast rocker and a double concave base with rail channels. Cabrinha hasn't just chucked functionality into the XCaliber it’s jammed with technology too. Construction is of a high standard, and the carbon layer helps to reduce weight and improve responsiveness.

The XCaliber is my favourite looking board in the range; it’s like the carbon/orange supercar of the twin tip world. It might not suit everyone’s taste, but who cares, all that matters is the ride. It comes in a range of sizes too, even a 132 for the smaller riders, something we don’t often see in high-end boards:
Sizes: 132 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 138 x 42 / 141 x 43cm

On The Water

As a freestyle kiter, there are not many freestyle boards I jump on and feel at home using straight away. I’m so dialled into my board that I typically need a few good sessions to get tuned into new rides. The XCaliber was like putting on your favourite trainers; it just felt right from the start.
It’s super quick speed can either be held or dished out in quick bursts before moves. There’s a perfect blend of grip and release. The board’s outline isn't too square which allows for carving without losing that last second grip on take-offs. Moving onto the pop of this board, I probably don’t need to say too much, we’ve all seen Liam throwing down on the 2016 XCaliber in the latest movie Chapter One. It’s insane; this board fires you into the air!

Need a new freestyle board? Get this on your radar!

A huge aspect for myself when looking at a new board is not only the way it rides and takes off but how much it’s going to absorb landings. I would like to think I've got another fifty or so years on the water, let's not ruin that. The XCaliber is brilliant when it comes to soaking up a heavy landing; the 40mm fins give you less bite if your rotation is slightly off but quickly get you back on track.

We headed out on the XCaliber with the H3 boot bindings; these are outstanding. The H3’s tick all our boxes, they are exceedingly soft underfoot, very flexible (compared to some wake boots) and so easy to get your feet in and out of. Velcro has always been a worry when looking at investing in boots, however, do these up once, and you're done, no slipping.
The H1 footpad system can also be used on the XCaliber; it's super simple to adjust even out on the water and seriously comfortable. Plenty of cushioning is present, and the new grip design doesn't only look sick it glues your feet to the board. The straps can be adjusted fairly small even for the standard sizing; however, Cabrinha always have smaller riders in mind, and a small version is also available.


There’s not much I can say I didn’t like about the XCaliber; every session left me wanting more. It fits the design bill of being an out and out high-performance freestyle board. It's rapid across the water, snappy on and off the edge, has huge pop and offers soft landings while still giving a fluid ride at all times. Ideal for the advanced riders out there wanting a high response board…if you're looking for a new freestyle board, get this! Not best suited for beginners to intermediates as it takes a lot of edge control to get the most from it.


This review was in Issue 60 of IKSURFMAG.

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