Cabrinha Ace 139 x 42cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Ace 139 x 42cm 2017

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At A Glance

We’ve taken a look at a lot of the Cabrinha 2017 gear so far, and the next product to land under our feet is the 2017 Cabrinha Ace twintip. You’ve probably seen it being ridden by team rider Nick Jacobsen, boosting loops, slipping a foot out and commonly found mucking about near solid objects. He definitely puts the Ace through a ton of abuse and it always seems to come up peachy. The Ace is aimed at the freestyle/freeride market and is billed as being a versatile performance twintip. Boards like these are fantastic, there’s no limit to the possibilities and they suit such a wide range of riders.

The 2017 Ace has been tuned for this year with slightly fatter tips, which give the rider a wider surface to pop from. Cabrinha have used their unique Volcanic Basalt Construction in the Ace providing a bomb-proof toughness every rider desires. We see features like a quad concave, channelled tips, parabolic rails and a flatter, fast rocker line, which should combine to give the rider a quick, responsive board with plenty of pop and drive.

The Ace comes in two colour variants: blue/grey or orange/grey, and is designed around the the H1 binding system and 40mm Hex Flow fins.

Sizes: 131 x 38 / 133 x 39 / 135 x 40 / 137 x 41 / 139 x 42 / 141 x 43cm

On The Water

The H1 binding system from Cabrinha is super simple to use with one Velcro strap and there are even two size options for different size feet. The pads are super comfy and take the shock of a hard landing as if you’ve got airbags beneath your heels.

On the first run you will notice how quick this board is, the Ace gains speed fast and drives hard upwind. It has a grippy feel underfoot with tons of response from the smallest movements. Due to its higher performance design, over boards like the Spectrum, the Ace requires a little more input to maximise pop and you need to make the most out of those last few milliseconds on the water to load up. However, in no time at all you can get suitably dialled into this smooth twin tip.

"You’ll want to ride like Nick Jacobsen when you have this underfoot!"

Load it up, give it a millisecond longer than you think, and bosh you’re sent into your move; ample amounts of pop come from the Ace. Sometimes a board can be overly grippy which isn't too great for a freeride board, after all slashing waves and splashing your mates is one of the best things in kiting. Don’t fear though the Ace has a smooth transition from rail to rail with virtually no bite until you want it.

Coming in to land is often a little worrying when I hit the water in straps, mainly due to aged knees and being used to bindings. Luckily the Ace soaks up landings with ease, there is none of the slap you get from a rigid wakestyle board and no shivers are sent up your spine. It even turns chop into a skate park.


The Ace is an incredibly versatile and well-constructed twin tip, if you’re looking for something to take your unhooked freestyle game to the next level, but you don't want to miss out on the foot-out old-school action, then the Ace would be an excellent addition to your quiver.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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