Nobile Kiteboarding 50Fifty Pro 138 x 39.5cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Nobile Kiteboarding 50Fifty Pro 138 x 39.5cm 2017

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At A Glance

It’s always exciting getting new products to test, especially when that product has a subtle glimpse of carbon fibre and Pro written on it! This board was just screaming to be ridden; there are certain boards that speak to you, as you caress the outline with your eyes, arms crossed hand on chin head nodding gently, a little voice inside your head just says; Yes!

The 50Fifty Pro stands out with its striking colours, day glow orange fins and components, and of course that trademark shape, which is the bench mark of Nobile’s twin tip range; with its channels that run throughout the whole board, top sheet and bottom. It’s a 3D moulding process called ‘3D technology’ that creates this multichannel system and shape which, Nobile says; “Guarantees stability in every situation.”

At 138cm long by only 39.5cm wide, that’s slightly narrower than most modern boards in its category, but we’ll come back to that later on in the test. The Pro, along with other boards in its range has a different type of material on the top sheet. It’s textured with a somewhat organic vibe, it’s super tough and has a glossy satin-like finish that brings those colours to life and protects your graphics from fading.

You get reinforced PA glass fins with this board that curve out at the base of the fin, giving a larger contact area for a stronger fit that also directs the flow of water towards the channels. Constructing the board is effortless with Nobile’s
KISS FIN system, Click&Go tool-free mounting.

The Pro comes with a standard set of Nobile foot pads which offer three settings small, medium and large, they\\\'re easy to build and have a 3D moulded footbed. The handle that comes with this board is again a standard component, but it’s made from a flexible plastic that allows the board the flex and soaks up vibration which is a great touch, as most handles are solid plastic which just isn’t any good and either snap or vibrate the screws loose until they fall off, if unchecked.

On The Water

While testing this board I’ve jumped higher than I ever have, maybe that’s down to me progressing or maybe its because this board is super stable at high speeds giving you outstanding control with explosive pop, let\\\'s say its a combination of all of those.

Either way, I’ve had a lot of fun on this board smashing waves, boosting high and stomping tricks. The overall shape of this board works well, with its sharp rails, rounded corners, continuous channels and forgiving shape. You can ride so aggressively, charging around, you really feel that slightly narrower body coming in to play, at 39.5cm wide, it’s narrow for a board 138cm in length. Most boards of the same size and calibre are pushing 40 to 42cm in width, which helps you stomp tricks and pop hard, more so if you are riding in boots.

However, if you are an aggressive rider who likes to charge hard and ride in straps, you might find that a wider board starts to get unstable at high speeds and occasionally skips out. Causing you to lose your edge and making it difficult to pop, and get those big jumps you’ve been looking for, especially in choppier conditions.

If that sounds familiar then a narrower board like this, could be what you’re looking for, especially if you’re a lighter rider too. The added edge control at high speeds gained by this thinner board allows you to pop explosively at a moment’s notice, also giving you more control over your toeside carves, pops and tricks.

It has a medium rocker that is quite pronounced in the centre but flattens off towards the tips, allowing you to pick up speed fast and go upwind relatively well maintaining a huge pop, compromising perfectly between freestyle and wakestyle, it works incredibly well.


Whether your cruising and boosting or passing and stomping, the 50Fifty Pro enables you to charge hard in either boots or straps. All in all, it’s a forgiving shaped board with aggressive qualities covering both aspects of freestyle and wakestyle, a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will. Take it for a spin and be impressed!

This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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