Flysurfer FlySplit 2 134 x 41cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Flysurfer FlySplit 2 134 x 41cm 2017

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At A Glance

Split boards have been around for a little while now; the first few were heavy and quite unrealistic as your every day kiteboard. The design was more about the ability to split it in half rather than it being a great kiteboard. The new Flysplit2 from Flysurfer has changed all that though and is a great all round board with the bonus of splitting in half.

Based on the successful Radical5, the Flysplit2 has been designed for the intermediate rider who demands a board with enough performance for their unhooked moves, big jumps and upwind ability. The Flysplit2 holds the tech to do this and more. A lightweight wood-foam core, rethinks the traditional lay up of a board, with the heavier duty wood core along the heel edge, while the less stress induced toeside edge has a foam core, which significantly reduces the weight. A scratch-proof top sheet is added to the top of the board which not only protects the board from scratches, also stops any UV rays from damaging the graphic itself.

The main draw, of course, is that the board splits in half making it the perfect companion for travelling. Using a zig zag shape, the two halves slot together seamlessly to create not only a firm hold but also an incredibly strong bond which stands up to the pressure being applied to each side.

Flysurfer have left nothing out when thinking of the finer details here. While travelling weight is, of course, a huge factor, the Flysplit2 comes in at only 2.85kg for the smaller 134 size. Not only this, the board can be put together and split apart again without the need for a screwdriver. Pins secure the two sides of the board, while the fins are bolted in using Flysurfers unique Click’n’Ride fin system. Adding the handle will need a screwdriver if you choose to you use one, and the initial build of foot straps will require one too. However, once these are in place there is no need to remove, so you can travel without a screwdriver if you ride without a handle.

Sizes: 134x41, 139x43cm

On The Water

Astonishingly enough, you would be unable to tell this board splits in half just by riding it.
The board feels solid under foot but still manages to produce a constant flex throughout.
We had the smaller 134 size on test and found it a dream for boosting and swinging around in the air. Very light and nimble, it gets planning early for its size and is playful and quick.

“A dream for boosting and swinging around in the air, plus it splits in half!”

Switching back and forth to toeside is fun, and the slightly larger fins add substantial grip to the board. Once powered the board explodes off the water into the air; you can hold some serious power with the Flysplit2!

Popping is again a surprise with this board, it works! Not designed for use as an all out wakestyle board, it is, however, perfect for those who like to add a few unhooked moves into their repertoire alongside some stylish board offs and big airs.

Chop is noticed due to the fairly stiff flex, but it is in no way bouncy or uncomfortable, and there isn’t any annoying spray to the face. A quick board in the flats, it grips well really driving you upwind and remains smooth and responsive in all conditions we could throw at it.


A remarkable board which not only is a cracking all round option but also splits in half to be added into your suitcase for under 3KGs.


This review was in Issue 64 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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