CrazyFly Cruiser LW 160 X 44cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Cruiser LW 160 X 44cm 2017

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At A Glance

The CrazyFly Cruiser is a popular board from the European brand, the larger sizes (now the LW versions) have been known for their fantastic blend of light wind riding ability and high-quality construction. The Cruiser LW is not only a light wind machine, but it's also high tech too, aimed at intermediate to advanced riders.

CrazyFly boards are manufactured in Europe, the finish of the boards is exceedingly polished. Featuring a flat bottom the with an almost flat rocker line everything is geared up to speed and early planing! The Inverted Outline, medium flex characteristics and asymmetric fin position are key design points for providing us riders not only a smooth ride but ensuring the board handles and performs in harsher conditions.

The Cruiser LW comes with a semi-transparent striped colouring across the deck, the blue multi-axial glass fibre construction finish and wood core pop well together making this board visually pleasing on the beach. Supplied with the Cruiser LW are the Hexa Bindings, Razor fins and a grab handle.

On The Water

Firstly the Hexa Bindings are very comfortable and easy to adjust. With six different configuration options, you can fiddle around with the bindings to get the perfect set up for your style and size.

The 160 x 44cm Cruiser LW will make the difference between sitting on the beach or getting out and getting wet. Getting going in barely any wind at all the Cruiser gains speed incredibly well and continues to with ease.

Upwind on this board is a doddle, bang some force into your heels though, and it takes off. We see some twin tip racing potential in this board. Fast speeds are very manageable on this LW board as well; normally it feels like you are hurtling towards the beach on a barn door. However, the asymmetrical fin design provides that extra bite needed to control the board at higher speeds and vast upwind ability.

“A credit to light wind kiteboards."

For those larger riders or those looking to still have a blast while out in light winds the Cruiser LW is a high-performance ride. Don’t get me wrong, it's not going to be the best for a double heart attack, but some big floaty rotations/old school moves are what this board is all about. Take offs do take a little while to get used to compared to a smaller board, but in no time you can get dialled in, landings are stable and smooth.


The CrazyFly Cruiser LW is a credit to light wind kiteboards. The thought of riding a 160cm board again always seems like were going back to the early 2000’s, however, this board has been so well refined over the years it is well worth having in the quiver. It’s a fantastic board for those learning, super stable, easy to get going and blast upwind. For larger riders and those wanting to ride in light winds, the Cruiser LW is a seriously fun and well performing light wind board.


This review was in Issue 64 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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