CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon 136 x 41cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Raptor LTD Neon 136 x 41cm 2018

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At A Glance

The Raptor LTD Neon is a new board in the CrazyFly range for 2018. The same mak eup as the already established and enjoyed Raptor LTD, the Neon version is exactly that and features some really funky colours to liven up the graphics. This is a definite bonus when body dragging back to your board in murky waters!

The board has been designed for those riders who demand only the highest quality in both looks and design. A high-end freestyle and freeride orientated board, the Raptor LTD Neon has an ellipse double concave in the base for better water displacement, which in turn helps push you upwind and create that pop off the water needed for freestyle tricks. The board is full carbon, and new for 2018 has been made with Compflex 4T5 carbon. This is a brand new carbon weave that provides more flex with an even lighter weight!

The tips of the board are in a double V shape, which again adds to that explosive pop off the water and also is super smooth when riding through some bumpy chop. The tips together with the ellipse double concave create an incredibly smooth ride and CrazyFly’s unique Nano Glide skin on the bottom of the board gets it tracking upwind well thanks to its microchannels and smooth gliding properties.

The Hexa straps on the Raptor LTD Neon, and in fact all CrazyFly boards, are slightly different to others and do take a little getting used to. However, once you have dialled into them and get used to the handy toe hook, they provide outstanding comfort across your entire foot and also are incredibly soft and cushioning on those hard landings.

Sizes: 132x41, 136x41, 140x42cm

On The Water

This board is shockingly light. So light in fact, that you need to make sure it is laying flat on a windy day or it will simply blow away! With this ultralightweight comes the unquenchable thirst for throwing it around in the air in every way possible.

The Raptor LTD Neon, aside from looking pretty awesome, is an absolute joy to ride. It tracks upwind quickly and effortlessly. The wider tips on the board we thought would throw up spray, but actually, it sliced through all water states with ease.
Not designed as a beginner board but still would be fine and allow you to grow into it, the Raptor LTD Neon really comes alive when you start getting some power behind you.
Great speed across the flats, the board grips the surface and holds well when loading for jumps. The carbon makeup of the board springs you into the air in double quick time and with the minimal weight allows you to throw it, and yourself, around with ease.

For some unhooked freestyle the Raptor LTD Neon is great fun. You can really slow yourself down on entry into tricks with this one and still create substantial height. This is great for learning new tricks as you know the crashes may not be quite as big! Of course, head into the trick with speed and you fly off the water, whilst the landings are absorbed beautifully by the concave base and flex tips.

Should you come off the board (it happens to even the best riders!), then the bright colours make finding it again super easy, even on those grey, rainy days in choppy conditions.


The 2018 Raptor LTD Neon is a whole heap of fun. Incredibly lightweight, you cannot help but throw it around for your entire session. Excelling in old-school and also freestyle, this board is really a rather special all-rounder for those with only the highest demands. Top-end build quality and attention to detail really complete the package.

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This review was in Issue 65 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit CrazyFly



By CrazyFly

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