CrazyFly Bulldozer 140 x 42cm 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Bulldozer 140 x 42cm 2018

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At A Glance

A mainstay of CrazyFlys impressive line up, the Bulldozer comes into 2018 with a complete redesign and the result is better than ever. Designed as a high performing freestyle and wakestyle kiteboard, the Bulldozer is best suited to those more experienced riders who demand a board to stand up to the more powerful moves.

The 2018 Bulldozer has a complete new shape with a deep centred concave, which adds comfort and stability to the ride. Integrated within this concave are two split V channels on each side which add masses of grip to the board and better upwind ability. And just in case you didn’t think there was enough going on under your feet, the tips themselves have a triple concave! All of these together give you a board which is fast, smooth and houses a huge amount of usable pop.

Not only has the shape of the board been upgraded, the construction has too. Previous models of the Bulldozer have been strong and light, however for 2018 CrazyFly have reinforced the entire length of the board with Uni-directional Kevlar and added a Spread Tow carbon reinforcement to the centre of the board for unrivalled strength, weight and pop. The result is the Bulldozer we have grown to love, but even more so!

Supplied with the extremely ergonomic Hexa pad and strap set, the Bulldozer works well with straps, however it is in bindings that you will get the most out of the board.

Sizes: 135 x 41cm, 140 x 42cm, 143 x 43cm

“The Bulldozer rides with a blistering speed which results in some phenomenal pop generated”

On The Water

The Bulldozer is a fast and aggressive board, but still easy enough to handle for those who are aiming to improve their freestyle level quickly. It gets planing early, the large amount of rail in the water at all times grips well and the plethora of channels underneath really drives you upwind. For someone who is perhaps not quite so experienced, they may find the board a little loose to begin with, and your weight certainly does need to be low and powered to make use of that drive.

Through chop there is a bit of bounce as to be expected with a freestyle board, but certainly not as much as we were expecting. In fact, tricking in chop is surprisingly pleasant. Again the channels really come into play and push the little lumps and bumps of water away to engage your rail for take off, and landings again are smooth and seem to hold you upright with some forward speed even when you are sure you will end up in the water!
In flat water of course, the Bulldozer rides with a blistering speed which results in some phenomenal pop generated. The ever satisfying slap can be heard on solid landings, and those sketchy landings are helped by the channelling underneath.

The bright colours are useful for those riding straps who need to be able to spot their board whilst body dragging, and for those who ride in boots and think of themselves a pro, the colours certainly look good in pictures!


The 2018 Bulldozer is a real blast to ride. Super fast and playful, it encourages you time and time again to launch off the water. Built with CrazyFlys standard exceptional quality, this board will last you years to come, and is something you are unlikely to outgrow.

This review was in Issue 68 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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