CrazyFly Girls 135 x 41cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Girls 135 x 41cm 2017

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At A Glance

A mainstay of Crazyfly’s line up, the Girls board has been included for many years now. For 2017 the Girls board has had a complete redesign and is now a much higher performance bit of kit, keeping in trend with the advancement of women's kiteboarding.

Starting with the base of the board, and this year we see Crazyflys Multi-Channel Bottom, which are two separate channels running along the length of the board, these manipulate the water to create better upwind abilities and super soft landings. The tips of the 2017 Girls board are now concave in shape which adds to the soft landings and also dig into the water for great carving abilities.

The rails of the board are also super thick, thanks to the ‘Step Cap’ technology. Again this aids the upwind ability of the board. The board itself is made with layers of fibre glass and wood creating that strong springy deck which always snaps back into position.

The 2017 Girls board comes with binding ready inserts for those girls who shred hard, and also the super comfy and supportive Hexa Bindings which provide great feedback and also really grip your entire foot.

Sizes: 132x41 135x41

On The Water

At the risk of sounding too girly, we love the colour and graphics! This is not an in your face girly board dripping in pink, it is subtle, and lets the performance speak for itself. Too often girls’ boards can be covered in glitter and unicorns, which, to be honest, will put most girls off.

"The 2017 Girls board will prove why it is used on the World Tour"

The 2017 Girls board was noticeably stiffer than its predecessors on our initial ride, however once dialled in and becoming a little more aggressive with your riding you really start to unlock the performance of the board.

The channels on the board aid with the upwind riding, and it takes almost no effort to get yourself planning and generate some good speed to start attacking that angle. It's great for slashing around in some waves or on the flats; there is a relatively 'skatey' feel to the board if you ride with your weight centred rather than off the fins.

With the added stiffness the board doesn’t soak up the chop quite as much as before, but once you start tricking and getting things three dimensional it is a trade off well worth having! For boosting and old school the grippy rails dig in to provide that last bit of edge before flinging you skywards. Landings are very smooth and will allow your balance to be slightly off with the extra grip generated.

Once you start adding some new school freestyle in, the 2017 Girls board will prove why it is used on the World Tour. The huge pop generated by the board will simply launch you upwards, and with some good initial board speed, you will require less out of the kite as the board does all the work.

Being able to use the board with boots also is great and as you progress having the option makes the board's life span increase ten fold.


A great freestyle orientated women's specific board which excels as a board to progress with. Looks great and you will not out grow for a long time.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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