Cabrinha CBL 142 X 43CM 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha CBL 142 X 43CM 2017

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At A Glance

We’re testing the CBL this issue, Cabrinha’s wake style/cable board. Aimed at riders looking to stomp features in the kite park and even the wake park the CBL is designed to withstand and perform in all of your sessions.

The CBL is built like an ox; the P-Tex base ensures your not going to shred the board, just the features you hit. It comes with 20mm Cabrinha obstacle friendly Hex Flow fins. It uses a wood core, and the big rocker combines with the carbon construction to give the board a stiff yet explosive pop.

Available in one colour and three sizes.

Sizes: 136 x 41 / 139 x 42 / 142 x 43

On The Water

We hit the water on the CBL using the Cabrinha H3 bindings. These are super comfy, one of my favourite boots on the market. Velcro makes for easy entry and exit, and the padding below your feet is luxurious.

Now, in terms of wake style boards, the CBL is a true out and out wake style board, it even varies from the high-end freestyle/wake style boards we see on the market. It’s solid, heavier than some boards but packs a punch. It provides endless amounts of grip, stability and the pop is insane. The board rides smoothly, and you have ultra fine control underfoot from the channels. Rail to rail transfers are smooth, but there’s tons of bite if you crank the rail over.

“Landings are like putting a hot knife through butter.”

Common worries for me when using this type of board are how it’s going to perform in chop and how heavy the landings will be. The CBL has slightly narrower tips than some wake style boards, making the ride of the CBL comfortable and smooth through choppier waters. Landings are like putting a hot knife through butter, ultra smooth and for such a robust wake style board the CBL is a pleasure to ride.


The CBL is an incredible wake style crossover board; it’s built to last and performs at a variety of riding styles. Suitable for those wanting to push their wake style riding, start hitting rails and those already accomplished at smashing them, it’s great for those no wind days at the cable park.

This review was in Issue 62 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Cabrinha


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