Day three provided ideal marginal but steady Hood River conditions, overall the wind was warm and steady for kites sized 12-15m.

The day started with men’s heat 3 and women’s heat 1, both completing the kicker to the left and the Dutone rooftop to the right, which was still left from the day previous. Afterwards, all men and women’s heats completed the opposite; which was the kickers to the right and the Duotone to the left. This signaled the end of the wind and the end of the day’s proceedings.

Tomorrow, we will start with the Pole jam to the left and the Cabrinha fun box to the right.

The day was for NBDs. The women provided 3 comp NBDs in a space of a heat. Colleen Carroll and Karolina Winkowska landing Tootsie Roll, Sensi Graves landing an Underflip and Katie Potter stomping a Tantrum to blind. In the mens,  Noe Font stomped a rediculous Backside 360 Melan Frontside 360, whilst Brandon Shied stomped a comp topping Backmobe 720.

With Day Three wrapped up and conditions looking promising for the immediate future, competition could possibly start again Wednesday 10:30 AM (Portland time), keep an eye out for updates!

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Wed 25th Jul, 2018 @ 12:45 pm

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