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1 month ago

Slingshot's Sentry bar flagging line is the bungee line that connects you to your safety system. This line allows you to flag out and then…

2 months ago

In this video, Brandon Scheid tells us all the benefits of surf straps and how they help train your muscle memory safely for tricks and…

4 months ago

An impact vest designed to protect you from some serious impacts... Ride Engine has just dropped the Defender HF and if you're a foiler (or…

7 months ago

As consumers, we often aim for kites that are marketed as high-performance machines. Yet, the best sessions and fastest progression often happen on the most…

9 months ago

Ever find yourself a bit confused about hydrofoils? With so many shapes and profiles to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Alex…

10 months ago

Designed using the same proprietary data that created our Carbon Elite hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber is built with a slightly more pliable…

1 year ago

This will keep you entertained for the next hour! In loving memory of the Triple S, Tom Court shares a unique view into what went…

1 year ago

Today's lesson is all about going upwind; he very first milestone for most kiteboarders as it allows you to go out for a session and…

1 year ago

The LF team came up with some sh!t kiteboarders say. Have they missed any? Comment below.