DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2023 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Rebel SLS 2023

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The Rebel SLS has attained a well-deserved legendary status, regardless of how one chooses to ride. It excels in jumping, providing huge hangtime, and has now become a kite looping machine and a formidable big air monster, favored by professional riders for its moon-high boosts and success in Big Air competitions.

Jumping with the Rebel SLS is effortless. By simply redirecting and holding the edge, riders are rewarded with massive lift every time.

Designed to deliver an explosive takeoff, the Rebel SLS propels riders off the water with exhilarating force, providing exceptional hangtime and enabling them to achieve the biggest jumps of their lives.

Total control is easily attainable with the Rebel SLS. By sheeting out on the bar, riders can quickly and effectively depower the kite, faster than any other kite in the range.

The Rebel is highly responsive, allowing riders to execute precise and powerful maneuvers across the kite's window and rapidly reach the edge of the window in gusts, enabling them to dump power when necessary.

The SLS construction of the Rebel reduces its overall weight and improves performance by providing a stiffer frame. Additionally, the use of materials like Penta TX and Trinity TX ensures a lightweight kite with excellent durability.

Tuning the Rebel SLS to suit individual riding styles is effortless. Riders can adjust turning speed, bar pressure, and fly the kite exactly how they desire.

The new Rebel SLS redefines the expectations of big air and high-performance freeride kiteboarders worldwide. While the Rebel's heritage is unparalleled, this year's introduction of the Penta TX frame combined with Trinity TX will revolutionize the concept of freeriding and boosting. The new materials, along with an updated design and Flex Struts, make the kite incredibly dynamic, and its low weight enhances handling and amplifies power. Notably, in light winds, the difference is remarkable, particularly with the larger sizes that offer unparalleled jumping and hangtime when the wind is on the lower end of the scale. As the wind strengthens, the jumps become even more impressive, and the take-off is awe-inspiring. Accelerating into the air after releasing the edge produces forces even greater than those experienced by Yuri Gagarin, leaving riders breathless from the extended hangtime. The kite offers various tuning options, allowing riders to customize bar pressure and turning speed to suit their preferred riding style. Furthermore, the Rebel SLS can be ridden in either four or five-line configurations, with the option of adding a fifth line as an accessory. Combining new materials, reduced weight, and extremely dynamic handling, the Rebel SLS provides one of the most exhilarating rides available. Once riders experience flying the Rebel SLS, they will instantly feel the power and performance at their fingertips. Simply load up the edge of the board and prepare to send it to the moon!

The Penta TX frame construction is the reason why the Rebel SLS possesses a 5-times higher tear resistance, 50% less elongation compared to standard Dacron constructions, and is 15% lighter overall compared to the original Rebel models. These characteristics result in impressive low-end performance and an incredible top end, thanks to the solid frame construction.

To withstand increasing forces as kite geometry improves, Load-Distribution-Panels are incorporated into the canopy to maintain the kite's shape under extreme loads. Consequently, this ensures smoother and more consistent kite performance in any riding situation.

The pigtails on the Rebel SLS effectively distribute line load to the kite, minimizing fatigue risk, reducing distortions, and promoting smoother steering.

Flex Struts, positioned between the middle and tip struts, counterbalance the stiffness of the frame and provide direct and responsive kite control. These struts, made of a softer material, allow for controlled bending and twisting, ensuring smooth and swift turning responses.

Kook proof line connection points on the Rebel SLS prevent accidents by effectively preventing users from inadvertently connecting their lines incorrectly during rigging.

The leading edges of the Rebel SLS kites are highly durable due to a specially designed heavy-duty closing seam. The leading edge's Dacron material is reinforced with a self-sticky Insignia Tape and double-stitched for enhanced strength. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam effectively resists high tensions and diagonal forces.

The construction of the Rebel SLS facilitates the controlled distribution of forces between the struts and leading edge. By fully connecting the struts to the leading edge using a flexible Dyneema line, canopy tension is increased, resulting in a clean profile.

The Anti Snag webbing on the kite prevents lines from tangling around the kite's tip, making water starts easier and increasing safety.

A narrower trailing edge, combined with lighter materials, reduces wear and creates a slicker kite profile.

TRINITY TX, a canopy material exclusive to Duotone, is the result of collaboration between the creative forces of Duotone and Teijin, the world's leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials for marine sports. TRINITY TX, a 3x2 canopy material, surpasses other canopy materials in terms of durability and dynamic performance.

The 3x2 yarn combination used in TRINITY TX provides superior performance and durability, surpassing the effectiveness of 2x2 or 4x4 yarn solutions. Thus, TRINITY TX is engineered to withstand the test of time successfully.

Designed to optimize riding conditions, the Rebel SLS Assist helps riders find the perfect setup within the extensive range of products offered, ensuring an enjoyable and tailored experience.


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