DUOTONE Juice D/lab 2023 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Juice D/lab 2023

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The Juice D/LAB made a huge impact last year as the most advanced freeride kite available. It offers unparalleled performance in light winds, allowing riders to experience incredible sensations even in the gentlest breezes. This kite is capable of achieving the impossible.

As the apex predator of light wind kites, it can get you on the water in conditions that were previously unreachable, providing an unreal experience.

The Juice D/Lab flies upwind effortlessly, with the kite pulling further forward in the window than ever before. This feature allows riders to enjoy their sessions and perform big jumps without struggling to maintain their position.

When jumping on the Juice D/Lab, you'll witness otherworldly performance with plenty of power to get you airborne. The float and hangtime will truly blow your mind.

Instant power delivery is achieved as soon as you sheet in the bar, enabling you to get planning even in minimal wind. As the wind increases, the depower system offers complete control in all conditions.

This kite offers a more dynamic and direct feel, along with a longer-lasting and more durable bridle for extended use.

To enhance performance, the kite's overall weight is reduced by up to 30% through the use of materials like Aluula and Trinity TX. These materials not only make the kite exceptionally lightweight but also provide excellent durability.

The Juice D/LAB is a benchmark in light wind kitesurfing, providing unmatched performance when other kites would leave you stranded on the beach. Whether you're into freeride, foiling, or boosting, this kite packs incredible performance into every session. Riding upwind in minimal wind has never been easier, allowing you to maximize your time on the water. The Juice D/LAB offers mind-blowing boosting capabilities, with an incredible power on take-off and ethereal float and hangtime. Even when the wind barely moves, you'll soar high and far while others wait on the beach. With the D/LAB construction and Aluula fabric, the handling of this kite is incredibly responsive and dynamic. No longer will you feel like you're driving a truck in light wind; instead, you'll have a high-performance machine at your fingertips. The control is outstanding, with instant depower and impressive handling even when the kite is overpowered. The Juice D/LAB's range sets it apart, providing unmatched low-end performance and absolute confidence in the top end. It now comes in sizes 14, 15, and 17, ensuring you get more time on the water than ever before if you want to out-kite the competition this summer.

The new construction features and fabric reduce the kite's weight by up to 30% compared to standard constructions. This weight reduction can reach up to 1kg, which is significant, especially in light wind conditions. The construction has also been refined to reduce weight whenever possible, while the innovative use of material weaves enhances turning ability and response.

To withstand increasing forces as kite geometry improves, Load-Distribution-Panels are used to hold the kite's shape under extreme loads. This results in a smoother and more consistent performance in various riding situations.

The Anti Snag webbing prevents line tangling around the kite's tip, making waterstarts easier and increasing safety.

A lighter combination of materials and a narrower trailing edge reduce wear and create a sleeker kite profile.

The Juice D/LAB is specifically designed to assist riders in finding the perfect setup for their riding conditions. This feature helps create an optimal quiver within the extensive range of products.


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