DUOTONE Evo D/lab 2023 Kitesurfing Review

DUOTONE Evo D/lab 2023

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The new Evo D/LAB offers an unparalleled experience in freeride kitesurfing. It delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions with remarkable low-end power and complete control.

No matter your riding style, whether it's big air, freeride, hooked freestyle, or playing in the waves, the Evo D/LAB provides easy access to high performance.

Prepare to be amazed when you take to the skies with the Evo D/LAB. Its huge lift will send you soaring to new heights and keep you there longer than you ever thought possible.

The Evo D/LAB is up to 30% lighter than the standard version, resulting in incredible light wind performance and tremendous low-end power. The shape and stiffness of the frame also make the kite remarkably stable at the top of the wind range.

This reduction in weight, up to 30%, and the improved stiffness of the frame enhance the kite's overall performance. The use of materials like Aluula and Trinity TX ensures the kite is exceptionally lightweight while offering exceptional durability.

With its refined handling and dynamic depower, the Evo D/LAB gives you total control at all times. You'll have a massive amount of power at your fingertips, with instant depower whenever you need it.

The Evo D/LAB also features a longer-lasting and more durable bridle for rough use, providing a more dynamic and direct feel to the kite.

The Evo D/LAB is a significant upgrade to our most popular kite, delivering unmatched performance. The Aluula frame construction offers unrivaled durability and substantial performance enhancements. Its lightweight nature allows it to fly in the lightest winds, making it perfect for foiling or light wind freeride. As the wind increases, it continues to perform exceptionally well for tricks and jumping.

The handling of the Evo D/LAB is exceptional, thanks to the reduced weight and stiffness of the Aluula material and the absence of pulleys in the bridle. The kite responds to your inputs with great acceleration, reacting like an extension of your arms. Powerful loops are easily achievable, thanks to the reduced weight. With impressive hangtime, the Evo D/LAB offers an unparalleled on-water experience, with excellent control and the ability to know the kite's position in the wind window.

Experience the all-new Evo D/LAB for yourself and see if you can live without it. It represents the pinnacle of technology and design, delivering a unique kite that will blow your mind with its performance on the water.

The use of new fabric and construction features has reduced the weight of the kite by up to 30% compared to standard constructions, resulting in savings of up to 1kg, especially in light winds. The construction has also been fine-tuned to reduce weight whenever possible, while innovative material weaves enhance turning ability and response.

The Anti Snag webbing prevents line tangling around the kite's tip, making waterstarts easier and increasing safety.

The kook proof line connection points prevent accidents by ensuring that lines cannot be accidentally connected incorrectly when rigging the kite.

A narrower trailing edge with lighter materials reduces wear and creates a sleeker kite profile.

To withstand increasing forces as kite geometry improves, Load-Distribution-Panels are used to spread these forces and maintain the kite's shape even under extreme loads. This results in a smoother and more consistent performance in any riding situation.

The leading edges of all kites are highly durable due to a special heavy-duty closing seam. The Dacron material at the leading edge is reinforced with a self-sticky Insignia Tape and double stitched for additional strength. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam is resistant to high tensions and diagonal forces.


This review was in Issue 101 of IKSURFMAG.

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