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The Neo SLS has received the SLS treatment, resulting in a stronger, lighter, and superior wave kite. Penta TX and Trinity TX have been combined to create a kite that is super light and durable. With its exceptional drift, dynamic turning, and wide range, the Neo SLS is the top choice for surfboard riders.

One of the standout features of the Neo SLS is its incredible drifting abilities. The SLS version is up to 15% lighter than the standard version, allowing the kite to glide along the wave effortlessly.

The turning speed of the Neo SLS is exceptionally fast, and the SLS version takes it to another level. The new Hybrid Flex Strut enables the kite to twist and change direction quickly, while the lightweight construction makes it faster and more responsive.

The Neo SLS stands out for its direct and dynamic performance, even when the bar is pushed out and the kite is depowered. This allows riders to focus more on riding the wave without worrying as much about controlling the bar and the kite.

The range of the Neo SLS is legendary, with a powerful bottom end that allows riders to get going on a smaller kite earlier than others. Coupled with impressive depower, this kite keeps you riding for longer when the wind picks up, and you can get away with having a smaller quiver.

The SLS construction not only reduces the overall weight of the kite but also improves its performance by making the frame stiffer. The use of materials like Penta TX and Trinity TX ensures that the kite remains lightweight while offering outstanding durability.

The larger sizes of the Neo SLS have been designed with a wider arc and less sweep in the tips for maximum power, while the smaller sizes have more sweep and a narrower arc to prioritize maneuverability.

The Neo SLS has taken the wave riding community by storm, elevating an already groundbreaking kite to new heights. Penta TX, Trinity TX, and the Hybrid Flex Strut create a construction that is incredibly light and durable, making the Neo SLS highly responsive and taking its drifting capabilities to new levels.

The new Hybrid Flex Strut improves the already dynamic performance of the Neo SLS, with the use of new material combinations for better overall performance. The proportions of flex material in the tip struts have been finely tuned to achieve optimal rigidity and stiffness across different kite sizes.

The Penta TX frame construction contributes to a fivefold increase in tear resistance, 50% less elongation compared to standard Dacron constructions, and a 15% overall weight reduction compared to the Original Neo models. This results in exceptional low-end performance and an incredible top end due to the solid frame construction.

Load-Distribution-Panels are used to spread forces across the canopy, ensuring the kite maintains its shape even under extreme loads, leading to a smoother and more consistent performance in any riding situation.

The kook-proof line connection points prevent accidents by preventing incorrect line connections during kite rigging.

Anti Snag webbing prevents line tangling around the kite's tip, making waterstarts easier and increasing safety.

A narrower trailing edge with a lighter combination of materials reduces wear and creates a sleeker kite profile.

TRINITY TX, a 3x2 canopy material exclusive to Duotone, has been developed using the expertise of Teijin, the leading supplier of sail materials. TRINITY TX offers superior durability and dynamic performance compared to other canopy materials.

The 3x2 yarn combination used in TRINITY TX has proven to be the best solution for performance and durability, outperforming 2x2 and 4x4 yarn solutions. TRINITY TX is designed to withstand the test of time.

The leading edges of all kites are highly durable thanks to a special heavy-duty closing seam. The Dacron material at the leading edge is reinforced with self-sticky Insignia Tape and double stitching. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam can withstand high tensions and diagonal forces.


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