Cabrinha Ace 135 x 40cm 2015 Kitesurfing Review

Cabrinha Ace 135 x 40cm 2015

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At A Glance

A new addition for 2015, the Ace has slotted itself slap bang in the middle of Cabrinha’s already impressive board line up. Marketed as an all-round freestyle board, it does not want to be confined to just one category, but rather be the board for those of us who like to have fun with all things kite.

This board is inundated with features and technology; parabolic rails, wood core, quad concave and even volcanic fibre make up this sturdy piece of kit. Though a freestyle orientated board, it feels just as at home in the more bump and jump conditions many of us deal with on our day-to-day sessions.

The Ace comes equipped with the super comfy and adjustable Cabrinha H1 bindings, which really lock your foot in and provide substantial support, very impressive for the ‘basic’ binding in Cabrinha's range.

The attention to detail on the Ace really surpassed all expectations, and the best bit of all was seeing inserts added into the fins for the bolts. Sounds simple? Well, it is. But not only does this make everything so slick, it also stop fins from pulling out which can sometimes happen if you have a tendency to ride in super shallow water.

“Incredible attention to detail, performance, technology and looks!”

On The Water

Out on the water, the Ace will do what ever you throw at it. Up and planning very quickly, it cuts through the water effortlessly whether you are in glass, chop or swell. It’s very happy simply cruising around, but if you put some power and aggression through it, that’s when it really comes alive. The pop and release on the board is tremendous, really throwing you into the air, though you must be riding with some good power to really reap the rewards here.

For old school moves this board is a dream, hold down stacks of power as you edge and boost into the sky, and the board is nimble enough to really be thrown about. Landings are surprisingly forgiving, considering how solid the board is, allowing you to make those little mistakes but still get away with it as the board absorbs and shoots you forward.

Even in the surf, the Ace will continued to impress, allowing you to turn incredibly quick and slash away at those faces with ease.


A true do it all machine, Cabrinha have done themselves proud with the Ace. A board that refuses to hold you back in any conditions or discipline, commanding you to progress at a rapid rate. Incredible attention to detail, performance, technology and looks; the Cabrinha Ace is a cracking choice for all.


This review was in Issue 52 of IKSURFMAG.

For more information visit Cabrinha


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