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North Kiteboarding Cross 2024

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The Cross is a versatile board that combines surf, freeride, and strapless freestyle capabilities. It offers a light and responsive feel, allowing the rider to effortlessly drive upwind, execute tight turns, and hit the lip of the wave. Designed for everyday use, the Cross is suitable for various conditions.

For 2024, the Cross has been constructed with durable EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo. Its surf outline features reduced nose and tail width, enhancing control and maneuverability. The low-entry rocker aids acceleration and drive, while the rounded surf rails provide a responsive feel and secure grip.

The board is equipped with North Hexcel Coremat Fins, sold separately, and can be used with a quad setup for increased rail grip in bigger waves. It features a lightweight premium fin box compatible with FCSI and FCSII fins.

To ensure maximum traction and control, the Cross has a micro-corduroy textured one-piece EVA deckpad with a front toe bump and rear wedge kick. In challenging conditions, the board offers a comfortable stance with the option to use lightweight memory foam surf straps for a custom fit and increased control.

Packaged in an eco-friendly manner, the Cross no longer includes plastic materials that contribute to plastic waste. Instead, a cushioning material that mimics honeycomb is used to protect the board from impact and abrasion.

The Cross has been designed to provide stability, ease of use, and a comfortable riding experience. With its bamboo veneer construction, it offers both global stiffness and impact resistance, while remaining lightweight and agile. Whether you're into big turns, airs, or freestyle, the Cross is a board that can do it all.

In summary, the Cross is a versatile and high-performance board that effortlessly blends surf, freeride, and strapless freestyle capabilities. With its durable EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo construction and various design features, it offers a responsive and forgiving ride in a wide range of conditions.

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