North Kiteboarding Charge Pro 2024 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Charge Pro 2024

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The Charge Pro surfboard was developed specifically for surfing and engineered to excel in kitesurfing as well. It offers a smooth and powerful ride down the line, with the ability to turn hard in the pocket and release on-demand. This high-performance surfboard is designed for larger waves, providing plenty of projection for a powerful vertical attack.

The Charge Pro is not limited to just surfing, as it also performs exceptionally well in carving, driving upwind, and onshore riding. It is even versatile enough for aerial tricks. This versatility is achieved through the Pro construction, Carbon Innegra Futurelite, which maximizes strength without sacrificing flex or responsiveness. The DualShock EVA inserts further enhance durability and protect the board from heel dents.

When riding the 2024 Charge Pro, you can expect fast response, speed, and drive. It delivers a smooth and powerful ride with a positive feel during critical turns. Watching our riders take on some of the world's biggest waves showcases the board's exceptional handling at high speeds and its ability to drive through turns.

The wide point of the board is slightly forward, with concave under the front foot for a fast and driving bottom turn. The rounded surf rails are lower and more refined, offering increased grip while carving the wave face. Additionally, the Charge Pro features a two-piece no-slip deck grip with front and rear kicks for exceptional comfort and control.

Some improvements have been made for the 2023 model, such as moving the widest point of the board slightly forward to enhance handling at high speeds and improve drive through turns. The low-entry surf rocker provides excellent upwind ability for easy return to the take-off zone. The concave under the front foot has been increased to contribute to a fast and driving bottom turn, as well as a responsive pivotal top turn with easy release.

The lightweight Carbon Innegra Futurelite wireframe acts as a structural skeleton to support the laminates, ensuring maximum strength without compromising flex. This allows the board to load and release power on demand, resulting in more drive and responsiveness. The lower volume and more pinched rail of the Charge Pro provide a responsive feel and lock-in grip, instilling confidence in the rider's ability to charge.

The FCSII Premium fin box, made from lightweight foam reinforcements, is compatible with both FCSI and click-in keyless FCSII fins. This design increases speed, drive, and response from the board. The high-density EVA foam inserts with a biaxial fiberglass layup under the standing area add durability and help reduce denting around the heel.

The newly introduced two-piece fine corduroy no-slip deckpad features a front toe bump and rear wedge kick for maximum traction and control. This provides added comfort and stability while riding. For challenging conditions, it is recommended to use the Free Straps. These straps lock the rider into a comfortable stance, offering control in high winds or large waves. The lightweight memory foam surf straps feature a pre-tensioned and laminated seamless KnitFlex inner construction, allowing for customization of fit and stance.

To ensure smooth control and projection, lightweight fiberglass raked thruster surf fins are recommended. These fins are designed specifically for North boards and do not require FCSII infills.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, all plastic has been eliminated from the surfboard packaging. Instead, a unique cushioning material mimicking honeycomb is used. This material creates a lightweight protective layer that absorbs impact and protects the board from abrasion. The Futurelite technology utilized in the construction of the board further enhances its performance, with the Futurelite running along the centerline of the top side and around the foot strap inserts to provide a direct feel with no delay.

Traditional cardboard box packaging lacks adequate cushioning and support for curved items like surfboards, often requiring the use of non-recyclable plastic materials. By eliminating these materials, this surfboard packaging solution aims to reduce plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.

Overall, the Charge Pro is a high-performance surfboard designed for both surfing and kitesurfing. Its smooth and powerful ride, combined with its versatility and durability, make it a reliable choice for tackling big waves and performing tight turns.

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