CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 3 5’10 2018 Kitesurfing Review

CORE Kiteboarding Ripper 3 5’10 2018

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At A Glance

The CORE Ripper 3 is an all out performance kite surfing short board. A classic design with classic surfboard construction. The Ripper 3 has been designed as a middle of the road board between strapless freestyle and big wave charging.

The Ripper 3 has an active foam core, this translates as being made from closed cell Polyurethane which not only has superior flex memory and dimensional accuracy, it is also water resistant and easily fixed should the dreaded ding appear.

Double wooden stringers run the length of the board for added strength in the board itself, and also to enable straps to be added if desired. The rails of the board have been tucked under at different degrees along the length of the board to allow for better water release before ending at the tail with a classic rail shape for increased manoeuvrability.

New for the Ripper 3 is a round tail with more of a kick, as opposed to a standard square tail design. This adds a little volume to aid fun in those knee high peelers, and also to increase stability for those monster faces!

The entire board is then coated in layers of fibreglass and resin to create a durable topcoat, which maintains the classic surf feel.

Sizes: 5’8, 5’10, 6’1

“The perfect one board quiver for all your surf adventures”

On The Water

The CORE Ripper 3 is a fast board to ride, and on smooth large faces it can hold some serious speed! It is responsive underfoot and when riding out over the broken waves or even on the flats it is easy to pop the board into the air.

We rode the board without straps, though we did add the front deck pad (in addition to the already placed back pad) for additional grip and cushioning.

The Ripper 3 was tested in a range of conditions from onshore slop to cross off peaks and it performed well in all.

There is quite a bit of nose in front of you, and indeed in the choppy real world conditions we have been testing in did feel it could have come down a bit. However, once on the face of a larger wave the length comes into its own and the longer rail sticks you into that pocket and keeps you there with bags of stability. If you want a shorter more fun board to ride in choppy conditions then look to the 720.

The Ripper 3 grips well without being sticky; you are able to perform sharp turns with ease, and rail-to-rail transfers are incredibly satisfying. The thruster set up works well, and with the high quality FCS II accelerator fins drive you forward in the most powerful of turns.


The CORE Ripper 3 is a high performing kite surfboard, which is equally at home in onshore mush as it is charging down the face of a monster. Agile and stable, it could be the perfect one board quiver for all your surf adventures.

This review was in Issue 71 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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