F-ONE Kiteboarding Slice 5’3 2018 Kitesurfing Review

F-ONE Kiteboarding Slice 5’3 2018

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At A Glance

The Mitu Pro model has been one of the defining boards of our generation, selling more surfboards than any other model on the market. For F-One to bring a totally new stick to the product line is interesting, how do you make something better than arguably one of the most popular surfboards on the planet?

The answer is to make something different. The Slice has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now, and the team have been working tirelessly on the shape and design to make sure it is just right. It’s being billed by F-One as a freestyle board for the modern strapless rider. We think it is so much more than that though.

Available in three constructions, Carbon, classic HD Foam and the ESL bamboo format there should be a Slice for everyone. If you want the best performance for strapless tricks, get the Carbon one. However, if you want to have a more comfortable ride and enjoy the Slice in the waves a little more, the HD Foam is the one for you we think. Lastly, if cost is an issue, and let's face it F-One surfboards are at the top end of the market then the stripped down ESL is the board you should be going for.

All three versions share the same modern planing hull shape with a cut off nose and parallel rails. The tail on the Slice features two wingers on either side; these are there to help reduce the tail area and make it more dynamic on the wave and help it edge for great pop.

Sizes: 5’1” / 5’3”

On The Water

I first rode the 5’1” version of this board, and at 77-80kg depending on what I ate for lunch I found it to be a little skittish underfoot, and it didn’t really set my soul on fire. However, the F-One crew are all a lot smaller than me, and on some sound advice from Raph, I headed back out on the 5’3” version and my goodness what a difference it made.

Essentially if you are over 70kg I’d recommend the larger version of this board, the extra width and volume just settle things down a little underfoot. You’ll also need to decide on the construction too. The Carbon version is the choice if you want the ultimate in pop and freestyle performance. If you want a board for the waves though then the HD Foam or ESL should be on your radar.

The Carbon version is exceedingly stiff, which is great for getting air born but not so comfortable in the chop or when you are racing down big waves. The ability of this board in the air is in no doubt, it delivers with aplomb, but what impressed us most was just how good it is in the waves. The thin rails and scaled down tail area with the wingers really allow the board to dynamically rip up and down the face of the wave.

It’s the sort of board that really helps you shine on the water, the performance is always there just waiting for you to push the boundaries and unleash it! I’m a big fan of backside wave riding and while it is tricky to master it is also a great way to show off a boards vulnerabilities. The Slice never felt like it was holding me back though and never missed a beat or tripped up on a turn.

If you’re a fan of the Mitu, then this will be a tough choice as the new Mitu is an excellent board too. For me and my style of riding the Slice just wins out, it’s my favourite wave board of the year so far.


With three constructions and two sizes, there are a few decisions to make before you purchase a Slice. As long as you choose the right board in the range for you, we think you’ll be impressed. The pop of the carbon board is incredible, while the smooth, snappy lines you can draw with the other two will bring endless smiles to your face. The new Slice from F-One is one of the best all-round wave boards out there at the moment…


This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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