RRD Salerosa V4 5’8 2018 Kitesurfing Review

RRD Salerosa V4 5’8 2018

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RRD 21,639

At A Glance

The Salerosa V4 is a classically styled surfboard from RRD with a modern twist. Up front, it sports a classic surfboard nose shape, but out the back, a more modern quad fin set up sits underneath a squared off swallowtail. The board is aimed at a wide variety of conditions from onshore to big side offshore waves.

The profile of the board is very thin with a low volume throughout; there is a pronounce rocker line with an increased kick in the tail area. The underside sports a pronounced concave that should help get the board going and help it maintain control at high speeds.

The board is available in two constructions, the Classic PU and the LTD versions, we tested both in Mauritius, and if you are a keen wave rider, then the Classic PU offers far more feel underfoot and is much smoother through choppier water. If weight is an issue for you and you want a stiffer board for better pop with unrivalled durability, then the LTD construction will be what you are looking for.

The difference in weight is around 160grams, on the water we preferred the more traditional fell of the Classic PU version which was more forgiving and easier to ride through chop at speed.

Sizes: 5’8’ / 5’10” / 6’0”

On The Water

The Salerosa is a very easy board to ride. However, the thin profile, low volume and large rocker make it a little power hungry and also suited to the more experienced rider. We found it excelled in small to medium sized waves but really came alive when the conditions got big.

“Excellent drive and speed down the line.”

The speed and drive you get from the quad fin set up is impressive and we enjoyed riding this board at One Eye where the wave is exceedingly fast. The dynamic tail shape and kick help you to generate snappy top to bottom turns when you desire while the smooth rocker line and this rails also make this board excellent at carving wider arcs down the face.

With a push towards noseless designs, it was great to go back to this more classical shaped front end and enjoy all the benefits a full nose offers, especially when the conditions got challenging. The Classic PU construction offers good flex and spring in the wave making the board feel alive and dynamic underfoot.


This board is all business at the front and party at the back, at first glance it is every bit the classic surfboard, but a closer inspection reveals its thoroughly modern design traits. Quad fins offer excellent drive and speed down the line while the thin rails and low volume keep control high throughout the turn. It excels in a wide variety of conditions thanks to its innovative shape.

This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

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