RRD Fatal Wave 5’8 2010 Kitesurfing Review

RRD Fatal Wave 5’8 2010

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RRD 21,639

At a Glance

The Fatal wave is a directional surfboard with a classical outline, wider in the nose and more drawn out towards the tail it wreaks of 70’s retro surfing! The board was developed with RRD’s world-class wave rider Abel Lago and it is his board of choice for competitions and just about anything the ocean can throw at him. Built using traditional surfboard techniques with a foam core and a glass/polyester lay up the board looks stunning. A lot of extra reinforcement has been made in stress areas and the Futures Fins put a quality finishing touch to the set up. It comes with some of super comfortable pads attached and straps as well; of course the straps are optional. A leash point is fitted as standard.

On the Water

The Fatal Wave looks very different to the modern surfboard shape when under foot, that wide prominent nose hardly escapes the eye. But as you drop into your first wave of the day you’ll see why these classic outlines have made a big comeback in recent years on the surf scene. The wide nose and rocker keeps itself well out of the water, even on the choppiest of faces and that allows very smooth carving from rail to rail on the thinner tail section of the board. The drawn out swallow-tail ensures you get plenty of rail bite in those turns and the board snaps off the lip in a highly pleasing manner. Being quite short, it is very chuckable too. In onshore mushy conditions you can really throw it about. Be sure to set the front strap a little further forward than normal so you can keep some weight towards the front of the board as it likes to be driven a little nose heavy especially in marginal waves that lack power. Get it in some big stuff though and it is excellent, we can see the test team fighting over this for a while!


Great looks, quality finish and excellent fittings, especially the Future Fins. On the wave this board is a joy to ride, at home in the big stuff and small mush it is sure to please all those who climb aboard.


The retro style means you need to adapt the way you ride a little, but once you get it dialled it will give you hours of fun!


A really stunning piece of board building from RRD, the Fatal Wave Classic works well in a variety of conditions and the looks are stunning!

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This review was in Issue 19 of IKSURFMAG.

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