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3 days ago


Check out Chris Bobryk his account for the video action behind this shot.
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6 days ago

The Passion MK9 and Global bar V8 will be released very soon! The team of IKSURFMAG already tested them intensively, hereby a summary;

'We were hugely impressed by the Passion; it’s a great all rounder that is stable in the air, fast and with smooth handling characteristics that many riders will love. Excellent build quality, well thought out design and a great package with a fantastic bar.

The light bar pressure allows you to spend longer on the water and we loved the quality of the overall set up on offer. This kites a thinker, ride it once, and it will leave you thinking about leaving your existing quiver for another session on the Passion…'
#rrd #robertoriccidesigns #itsallride #passion #rrdkiteboarding

RRD International at Windsurfing El Médano.
RRD International at Windsurfing El Médano.
1 week ago

Another amazing result! Congratulations to Alex Mussolini for his 3rd place at the PWA World Tour Windsurfing in #tenerife.

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1 week ago

We are proud to support the Rebel Sessions initiative to reward and encourage cold water big wave riding in the South African winter months.

Dungeons may not be on the Big Wave Tour – but that is why there's the REBEL Sessions, put on to recognise the South African hellmen who dedicate themselves to hucking into just about anything.

Rrd teamrider and surfboardshaper Ian Armstrong who was 'Big Wave World Champ' in '99 will be on this years judging panel.

The REBEL Sessions window officially opened on July 18 and will run through until October 31. First run in 2011, the event took a five year break before returning last year.

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2 weeks ago

Who's the biggest monkey of them all?
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2 weeks ago

Day 3 and still light wind at the PWA World Tour Windsurfing wave competition in #tenerife. Here below an interview with John Skye introducing his 'Compact Wave Folding Sail' and getting ready to use it in the first single elimination!

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2 weeks ago

Check out the action coming from the most windy freestyle spot in Sardinia, the Windsurfing club Sa Barra.
RRD has started a collaboration a year ago with Gigi Madeddu, the owner of the center, and Rossel Bertoldo. The center is located in the south of Sardinia and is the best place for freeride and freestyle training thanks to its constant wind and flat water conditions that makes it an unique spot in Italy

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2 weeks ago

Jeremy Chan - Kiteboarding enjoying the Mauritian waves.. Unfortunately there is also a downside to these beautifull conditions that the island has to offer; this year already 29 people drowned. The rescue station is not allowed to use a jetski, which would probably save many lives on those big days that boats can't go out. Pls sign the petition in the link below to allow jetskis as rescue crafts on Mauritius
#rrd #robertoriccidesigns #rrdkiteboarding
📸: Tobi Deckert

Welcome to RRD International. We design and manufacture Clothing, Windsurfing,Kiteboarding, SUP and Surfing products with our heart and soul.
“Non Stop Research and Development” this is the slogan representing the brand philosophy, underlining the brand passion and commitment to the research and the development of every single product in the RRD range.

The brand philosophy suits perfectly to the constant engagement of RRD to the best Professional Tour and World Cup competitions. We’re talking about the RRD brand DNA, an attitude that originates the brand foundation.
RRD clothing, boards, sails, kites, westsuits and accessories are competing on all various watersports professional tours , challenging all the best brands and riders for the world title.
We are passionate about combining quality, technology, and artisanal design that is functional and accessible to everyone in watersports. We make products that we like that can be used by everyone, not only the elite watersports enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies in fabric textiles combined with creative design and genuine Italian style: this is what RRD stands for.
Born in 1989 between Tuscany (Italy) and the Island of Maui (Hawaii) .

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Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion V9 10.5 2018
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion V9 10.5 2018
RRD Passion V9

RRD are unique in the kite industry; they were the first brand to adopt a “don’t change it until it’s ready” launch program. While many brands scramble to “change” their product by the deadline, us...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Bliss V4 138 x 42cm 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Bliss V4 138 x 42cm 2017
RRD Bliss V4

The Bliss V4 is RRD’s freeride and freestyle all-in-one board. Nestled between the Placebo and Poison it has been designed as a board that will suit a wide variety of riders in a range of conditions. The Bli...

Twin Tips
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obsession MK9 13.5m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obsession MK9 13.5m 2017
RRD Obsession MK9

Back again, the Obsession MK9 is a long-standing kite in the RRD line up. A big update in last years MK8 means this years MK9 has had a few tweaks to create an exceedingly polished product. The Obsession MK9 i...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Poison V3 LTD 138 x 42cm 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Poison V3 LTD 138 x 42cm 2017
RRD Poison V3 LTD

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new 2017 Poison LTD V3. The Poison is RRD’s pro freestyle twin tip board, and the LTD V3 is the carbon edition, making it a lighter and thinner model. The Poison...

Twin Tips
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Poison V4 138 X 42cm 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Poison V4 138 X 42cm 2017
RRD Poison V4

The Poison V4 is one of RRD’s top twin tip boards, targeting the pro freestyle market it is packed with technology and has fantastic build quality. Featuring a new straight outline through the middle of the...

Twin Tips
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Vision MK5 12m 2017
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Vision MK5 12m 2017
RRD Vision MK5

The Vision MK5 hits the market as a moderate aspect ratio all terrain kite, the do-it-all from RRD. It is aimed at those wanting to kite in all disciplines: freeride, wave and freestyle, but is not marketed as...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion MK8 9m 2016
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion MK8 9m 2016
RRD Passion MK8

The RRD Passion has been in the lineup for years now, and there are many fans of this great kite around the world. The Passion is RRD's big air and freerides kite, offering stability and boost in plentiful amo...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obsession 12m 2011
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obsession 12m 2011
RRD Obsession

The Obsession has been in the RRD Line up for a few years now, we’ve seen all the incarnations along the way and have been a fan of its performance for some time. This year sees a new bar shape and some mino...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion 9m 2011
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion 9m 2011
RRD Passion

The Passion was new last year for the RRD line up, it was a Delta based design and still is. There are quite a few changes this year, although they are small tweaks rather than drastic modifications. The bigge...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Fatal Wave 5'8 2010
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Fatal Wave 5'8 2010
RRD Fatal Wave

The Fatal wave is a directional surfboard with a classical outline, wider in the nose and more drawn out towards the tail it wreaks of 70’s retro surfing! The board was developed with RRD’s world-class wav...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obession 12m 2010
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Obession 12m 2010
RRD Obession

RRD have a wealth of experience in the water sports industry and their products have always been highly regarded. They have had some popular kites over the years with the Type series and the Obsession first ma...

Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion 9m 2010
Kitesurfing Reviews - RRD Passion 9m 2010
RRD Passion

The new 2010 Passion from RRD is a dramatic change from the kite of last year. It still retains the simple bridle set up, but that is where the similarities end. This year the kite has a much flatter arc to it...

3 weeks ago | 02:35

The one-strut RRD Emotion MK3 has arrived! This beautiful product video demonstrates how much fun can be had in light wind. Don't miss out! “A complex search...

4 weeks ago | 6:27

We all know that kiteboarding is awesome, so why not take a few minutes to enjoy this action packed compilation from Univers Kite? This video features some of...

1 month ago | 2:57

Steph Bridge talks about twin tip racing and the future of the discipline. You also get to catch up on day 4 of the action at the 2017 IKA TwinTip:Racing Euro...

1 month ago | 2:34

Twin tip racing is the best way to get kitesurfers racing and will hopefully help push our sport towards inclusion in the Olympics! Find out all about it here!...

1 month ago | 03:34

An action packed edit to match a pumping soundtrack! As usuall June is very windy in Hungary. We were super lucky this year. At the end of June we could kitesu...

2 months ago | 04:14

Not a bad place for a meeting ay? Looking back at some of the great moments we shared during our 2017 distributors meeting in Mauritius. Any conditions are goo...

3 months ago | 3:22

Safaris and kiting, edits like this are always brilliant! This is no exception! Immersive kite surfing, a 4 day safari in the Serengeti, surf and exploring the...

3 months ago | 2:21

An evolution of the previous version, the new Obsession Pro MK3 has been refined and was developed with precise input of the freestyle pro team. No compromises...

3 months ago | 02:32

Everything you need to know about the RRD Juice V4, along with a pretty cool edit to show it off! Check it out....

4 months ago | 8:9

Make sure you watch this 8 minute film full of kiteboarding action! You don't want to miss this incredible compilation of stunning shots and outrageous tricks....

5 months ago | 01:13

We love these Red Bull Megaloop Challenge videos! So here's another one to feast your eyes upon. Has anyone ever seen Tomi's technique of pulling the centre l...

5 months ago | 03:04

Introducing the 2017 RRD kite harness collection. Find out all about them here. Your choice of harness needs to fit your style of riding, stance, local conditi...

Issue 64

Rou Chater often gets asked where the best place to kitesurf in the world is, Mauritius is usually his answer, find out what makes this the best place on the planet for kiteboarding, no matter what level you are!

2 weeks ago
Issue 64

It’s 2018 already as far as the kite industry is concerned! We have 2018 equipment on test from the major players, honest reviews, thousands of words of in depth analysis, everything you need to know!

2 weeks ago
Issue 63

Roberto Ricci is one of the original legends of kitesurfing; the accomplished waterman was shaping kiteboards before kiteboarding was even a thing, Rou Chater talks to him about his brand, RRD, his thoughts competitive kitesurfing, the future of the sport and the Olympics.

2 months ago
Issue 62

Once again we've got loads of kites and boards on test this issue, lots of new 2017 equipment gets put through its paces!

4 months ago
Issue 62

You can’t get much more American than Chris Bobryk, the self styled Sledgehammer is the subject of our Ten Questions this issue!

4 months ago
Issue 62

The most popular movies from our website over the last two months!

4 months ago
Issue 61

Join us on a snowkiting adventure to Svalbard, Norway, where there are more polar bears than people, and you might just need to take a rifle with you during your session!

7 months ago
Issue 61

Our biggest test ever, we've got loads of kites, boards and even hydrofoils on test this issue, lots of new 2017 equipment gets put through its paces!

7 months ago
Issue 60

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

9 months ago
Issue 59

Our sport is safer than ever right now, and there has never been a better time to get younger riders into our kitesurfing. Sukie Robertson looks at the best way to go about inspiring and encouraging kids to get hooked in…

10 months ago
Issue 59

Loads of 2017 gear on test including seven new kites and some twin tips and a surfboard as well as the all new Click Bar from North!

10 months ago
Issue 58

It’s a huge test this issue as we clear some of the decks on the 2016 gear and also test out some of the new 2017 kites too, crikey is it that time of year already! Brands include Cabrinha, Core, Flysurfer, Liquid Force, North Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Peter Lynn and RRD.

1 year ago

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Issue 63 Tue 8th Aug, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 62 Sat 10th Jun, 2017

CrazyFly 2017 Sculp 9m and Sick Bar


Issue 61 Mon 10th Apr, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 60 Sun 5th Feb, 2017

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 59 Mon 5th Dec, 2016

GoPro Hero 5 Black Action Camera


Issue 58 Thu 13th Oct, 2016

Fireball Set Up with an Apollo Kite from Cabrinha


Issue 57 Tue 11th Oct, 2016

Blade Trigger 10m Kite


Issue 56 Sun 12th Jun, 2016

Board and Boot Set Up from Liquid Force


Issue 55 Sat 9th Apr, 2016

Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard


Issue 54 Sat 6th Feb, 2016

Wetsuit and Harness from Manera


Issue 53 Tue 10th Feb, 2015

Ride Engine Harness!


Issue 52 Wed 7th Oct, 2015

Prize Pack from TSHOTSH

Guy, Vince

Issue 51 Thu 13th Aug, 2015

Wainman Hawaii ManiaC Kite


Issue 50 Thu 4th Jun, 2015

Liquid Force Legacy Board


Issue 49 Fri 10th Apr, 2015

Slingshot Vision Board


Issue 48 Fri 30th Jan, 2015

Blade Mist Kite and Bar


Issue 47 Mon 8th Dec, 2014

2015 Core GTS3 8m Kite and Bar


Issue 46 Wed 8th Oct, 2014

Ozone Reo Wave Kite


Issue 45 Mon 4th Aug, 2014

Brunotti Board and a Pair of Sunglasses


Issue 44 Mon 9th Jun, 2014

Dakine Harness and Travel Bag


Issue 43 Wed 2nd Apr, 2014

Manera EXO Harness and Goodies!


Issue 42 Thu 30th Jan, 2014

North Gonzales Kite Board!


Issue 41 Mon 2nd Dec, 2013

Best Spark Plug Kite Board


Issue 40 Wed 9th Oct, 2013

Kiteloose Fatty Surfboard


Issue 39 Fri 2nd Aug, 2013

GoPro HD Hero 3 Silver Edition


Issue 38 Sun 2nd Jun, 2013

CrazyFly Sculp 9m Kite and Sick Bar System


Issue 37 Mon 1st Apr, 2013

Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


Issue 36 Sat 2nd Feb, 2013

2013 F-One Bandit 6 9m Kite


Issue 35 Mon 3rd Dec, 2012

Soul Drysuit by Ocean Rodeo


Issue 34 Mon 1st Oct, 2012

2013 Mystic Wetsuit and Harness


Issue 33 Sun 5th Aug, 2012

Wainman Joke Kitesurfing Board


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