RRD Vision MK5 12m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

RRD Vision MK5 12m 2017

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At A Glance

The Vision MK5 hits the market as a moderate aspect ratio all terrain kite, the do-it-all from RRD. It is aimed at those wanting to kite in all disciplines: freeride, wave and freestyle, but is not marketed as a super high-end model; there are many other kites in the RRD range that target specific disciplines. However, for those either learning to kite or wanting a solid all-round kite to progress their level the Vision MK5 could well be just the ticket.

RRD have been spending a lot of time focusing on the design features and construction of their kites. We see radial reinforcements on the wingtips, trailing edge support, Quick Air Flow valve and much more. The kite’s arc has been widened to give the rider a lighter feel on the bar and enhance turning speed of the kite. The construction of this kite stood out as we hit the beach, it looks robust and ready for endless sessions.

The Vision comes in three colourways: orange/grey, red/blue and purple/pink, and is compatible with RRD’s Global V7 control system.

Sizes: 5, 7, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15m

The Bar

The Vision MK5 is designed to be used with the Global Bar V7 which is very well thought out, with integrated chunky bar ends, and a coated centre line. The depower uses an efficient cleat system, with a large tag to hold onto, especially useful for those with shorter arms. That said, we could reach the depower easily even with the kite at 12 o’clock, so no problems there.

The chicken loop is of a good size and solid construction, and the donkey dick is easy to shift to the side should you wish to unhook. The Global Bar’s quick release uses the industry standard push away method and is of a very high quality. An ergonomic design positions your hand in the best spot to easily deploy the release, and reconnecting is incredibly quick and straightforward.

RRD have spent considerable time developing their ‘Rigid Thread Lines’. The unidirectional structure of these lines, unlike conventional lines, provides a fibre memory, which is more efficient through the sky. There is a large stopper ball, which is very effective, and again is well designed and easy to move around.

In The Air

When first launching the Vision MK5 it doesn't take long at all to get a sense of stability and control. The kite feels solid above the head even in very gusty winds. The kite is powerful but easily controlled from the bar with a huge range of depower available.

“Easy to use, very forgiving with performance on tap when you need it”

The Vision MK5 is slower through the sky than some of the high-performance models we see out there and this inspires confidence and makes the kite very forgiving. There is direct feedback through the bar, the turning is light on the arms yet rapid and pivotal when needed. These features make this kite a pleasure to ride, an easy experience for those wanting to focus on smashing out new moves rather than getting to grips with their kite.

When jumping there is plenty here to get excited about, it isn’t the biggest boosting machine in the range but it certainly put smiles on our faces. Jumping is steady and predictable and it was easy to get airborn. The pop from the kite is fantastic and float on the Vision MK5 is excellent; absolutely ideal for those wanting to progress with their next move. We had a complete blast boosting some old-school board-off’s during the testing process!

Relaunch on the Vision is again easy and predictable, giving confidence and less to worry about. As most kitesurfers will agree, more time with the kite in the air is more time on the board learning those news moves!


Incredibly user-friendly kite that can either be flown steadily by less experienced riders or you can turn it up a notch, and get some impressive performance out of it. Fast direct turning, perfect for a little slash around in the waves too!


No complaints here…


The Vision MK5 does exactly what it's been designed to do, it's very simple and easy for the rider to use. However, if you’re wanting more from it, then you can get it - the predictable power and fast turning are fantastic on the Vision MK5. Construction of the RRD gear for 2017 is again great, we see loads of reinforcements and it really does have durable appearance. It’s the perfect kite for those anywhere between leaving lessons to their first unhooked moves.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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