RRD Bliss V4 138 x 42cm 2017 Kitesurfing Review

RRD Bliss V4 138 x 42cm 2017

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At A Glance

The Bliss V4 is RRD’s freeride and freestyle all-in-one board. Nestled between the Placebo and Poison it has been designed as a board that will suit a wide variety of riders in a range of conditions. The Bliss features a CNC core shaped out of Paulownia wood, which is both lightweight and strong. Shaped ABS sidewalls have been used and it is laminated with triaxial high tenacity glass; there is a good amount of technology and some stunning workmanship that has gone into creating this board. The bottom of the Bliss V4 has deep channels, which really grip to the water providing a solid and stable ride.

Equipped with the very aptly named ‘RadPad’, your feet stay secure in the nicely adjustable pad and strap system. Finally, there are some jazzy graphics to brighten up even the greyest of days.

On The Water

The Bliss V4 gets going super early thanks to its relatively wide outline. Storming upwind, it goes well through chop with only minimal spray and bounce. That said, it’s not a soft board, you will feel the chop underfoot but the board cuts through it well. You can easily cruise around and enjoy the ride on the Bliss V4, but it is when you start getting some power and aggression into your riding that the board truly comes alive.

The Bliss offers lots of grip through the turn, which lends itself to great carving abilities, yet it can also be skated about once you release the edge. Jumping is good, it loads and releases well and provides a comfortable and steady landing. Due to the impressive speed, should you slightly mistime things, then the board carries you through your mistakes, allowing you to engage your rail again and carry on.

Performs in real world conditions and a great all-rounder!

Moving onto more freestyle orientated moves, the Bliss proves to be great fun. The more you give, the more it gives back, and loading up produces some credible pop. Also of note is the incredibly satisfying slap, which occurs on landing, something the Bliss does extremely well. It’s a sound that lets your buddies know you just stomped that big move!

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More suited to the aspiring freestyler than the all-out freerider, the Bliss is a great choice for those who are strong powerful riders looking to up their freestyle game, but with a board which still works well in real world conditions for a bit of all-round kiteboard action.


This review was in Issue 61 of IKSURFMAG.

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