North Kiteboarding Pro Whip CSC 5’2 2018 Kitesurfing Review

North Kiteboarding Pro Whip CSC 5’2 2018

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At A Glance

The CSC series of boards from North have been around for a few years now; this new Pro Whip CSC replaces the Pro Series CSC from last year. North have reduced the number of boards in the lineup, this year both the Wam and Whip come in two different constructions. Before North had these boards and then had different shapes for the Pro Series. For 2018 they have simplified the line and offer three Pro Series models, the Whip, Wam and Session.

The construction is also new for 2018 too, North have utilised a new Vacuum Epoxy Custom construction, this has reduced the weight of the board by up to 20%. As soon as you pick the board up you notice the difference. The shape has changed drastically too, last year the board was a little thinner, this year some extra width has been added along with a radical new bottom shape.

This new bottom shape is designed to increase the stability of the board and enable it to turn from rail to rail faster. There is also a subtle grab rail for strapless air tricks, and the Pro Whip CSC is certainly aimed at this market. Fitted with the North multi-box you can run this with Futures or FCS fins, that’s perfect for when you are travelling, and you snap a fin and only get a limited choice in the local surf shop.

Sizes: 5’0” / 5’2” / 5’4”

Lighter, faster, more stable and just as dynamic!

On The Water

Sky Solbach has once again done a masterful job with the new Pro Whip CSC, the craftsmanship on the shaping is sublime, and the new finish from the custom vacuum construction makes this board feel amazing when you pick it up. In the water is where it comes alive though! I rode the previous version, the Pro CSC extensively last year and rated it. I was keen to see what this new model would be like…

As ever with these shorter cut off nose and tail boards, foot positioning is a little more critical than on a standard board. On my first few waves, I found myself getting bogged as I came back off the top of the face and at first thought, the board was hanging up, perhaps due to the new shaping on the bottom.

However, a bit of tweaking on my foot placement, locking my back foot right on the tail of the board and shifting my front foot back a little soon had me finding the sweet spot. The aggressive nature of this board is impressive and if you want to smash in some top to bottom turns the Pro Whip CSC is willing and able. It’s also equally at home pulling longer more drawn out carves too.

Often these boards get a bad rap in big waves and while in the smaller stuff the petite size allows you to throw the board around it can also handle the bigger stuff. We were testing it in all kinds of conditions and never really found ourselves feeling like we needed anything else. Even in double overhead, cross-offshore reef breaks the board was performing impeccably well.

Upwind the board is quick and fast, there is plenty of grip and drive, and when you come to pop for those strapless airs, the new construction feels a lot more lively than the previous board allowing you to really get airborne ready to throw some shapes.


Fans of the Pro CSC from 2017 need not be worried the board is now discontinued; the Pro Whip CSC has stepped in to fill its boots and does so impressively. It’s a massive upgrade, lighter, faster, more stable and just as dynamic in the turns this board is a real charger.

We’ve got a fair few miles on it now, and each time the conditions are one we find ourselves coming back to the Pro Whip CSC as we know it will deliver smiles for miles…


This review was in Issue 67 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Rou Chater
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